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  1. F

    Question on my first gaming pc - need help

    Hi all, I recently purchased my very first ever gaming pc. I’ve been playing console my whole entire life and finally decided to make the pc switch at 25 years old. I’ve heard building is better than pre-built, but I don’t want, nor have the knowledge and time to build my own. So I bought a...
  2. Gl213

    Is My Pc Part Picker List good?

    Hi, I am trying to see what I can change in my pc part picker list Link: I don't know if it's good or not, anything I need to change?
  3. Matt1984

    Question HELP!! What or how to upgrade my build? Gpu? Or what next step should be???

    Currently running ryzen 3200G with asus prime A320M-k motherboard, Gskill 8gb x2 ram and 2.5" ssd. Its my son's first build.
  4. S

    PC Build Upgrade - Help Needed

    Hi All! Need some advice. Currently looking to upgrade parts of my rigg just to keep up with current/future gens. Needs: Micro ATX Board to fit case (i want to keep current case) and have tjhe ability to potentialy upgrade to 30 series GPU in the future. Processor: dont mind if Intel or Ryzen...
  5. lolgabelol

    Pre Built PC Help

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my current rig and was wondering if people could recommend a good pre-built set. I can't build my own PC so I need a site or manufacturer that could do it all. I want better performance in more simple games like WoW all the way to more demanding features like...
  6. Piggu

    Question Higher-End RTX 3080 Build

    Hello everyone, This post was originally asking for opinions, and I saw comments that were really helpful. But I want to go for a higher-end build for this PC. I'm updating this build because I changed some parts. Any predictions on how this PC will run some mainstream games? Thanks! Build...
  7. OneOfTheJacks

    Question I'm planning on building a new pc, I have only ever had one premade tower pc, so I'm unsure on how to go about setting a budget and picking parts.

    When I got my first PC, I was without steady income so it was ultimately going to end up being a PC, because I'm very impatient and wasn't going to take time to save money, that was a cheap pre-build that really despite the grandiose claims from the shop that sold it to me can no longer play all...
  8. Koutspc

    Recommendations for hardware - what should I be looking at next for my gaming PC?

    I just received my custom built PC and I’m extremely happy with the build, however I’m always open for extra hardware/add ons for the motherboard to make my PC an absolute beast! Looking for some ideas and recommendations to what I should be looking at next? . I really like the RGB components...
  9. SlimBoyHellskin

    First PC Build

    I'm new to this forum and to the PC community but would really like to get started. I have parts picked out for my first PC build and to the best of my knowledge everything's compatible and would fit pretty nicely. Would it be overkill to ask a few people to check if everything's compatible...
  10. M

    Games Crashing On Newly Built PC

    Hey, I've recently gotten a new PC with the specs of: Ryzen 5 3600x, RTX 2060 super, 16 GB DDR4 3200, ASUS Prime Motherboard, Liquid Cooled. So as it sits all games will crash if graphics load is high enough. Ex. GTA, Call of Duty, Fortnite on highest settings, and any VR game will crash after...
  11. JTsunamiii

    Need help deciding on a amd processor!

    Building my first gaming PC and im new to the forum also. Ive been going back and forth about processors and i cant decide. I narrowed it down to amd ryzen 5 and 7. Microcenter has deals on these processors. Ryzen 5 2600x: $80 Ryzen 5 3600x: $160 Ryzen 7 $3700x: $260 I purchased the ryzen...