PCG Article Netflix buys Oxenfree developer Night School Studio

Netflix buys Oxenfree developer Night School Studio (link to PCG article)

The studio is known for their strong narratives and very accessible gameplay--pretty much anyone, even with zero game experience--should be able to play these games. I think that's a good direction to go for them. They probably have a lot of non-gamer customers who might be drawn into giving this a try and end up getting hooked on this type of game.

Also, if they plan on streaming the games, rather than having you download them, the graphics in these games are generally not very resource heavy and the gameplay would do fine with a little latency.

Pretty smart move, I think.
I can see how you worked that out, the old 'drop the A' trick.

Depends on the source language tho—eg if Vietnamese, then it's 'Two'; if Albanian it's 'Let's go'; German = 'Shark'… and so on.

See how much you can learn here? Thank me when your plane is diverted to Tirana or has to ditch in the North Sea.

All I learned here is that you don't take context into consideration. Why would he post "Shark"? :)
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