My head is frazzled trying to pick a gaming keyboard!!!

Apr 11, 2021
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Hi all.

As my title suggests, my head is frazzled by the amount of gaming keyboards available and which one to pick?

My budget is £150 max and I mainly enjoy FPS based games. (If it helps, I use the Logitech G PRO mouse) I am looking for full size mechanical.
I currently use a cheap TUF keyboard that came with my PC last year so I would think I could adapt to any upgrade.

So I‘m looking for recommendations or just seeing what this community uses.

So far in my many hours of research, I like the look and detail of the Corsair K70 mk2 red switch and the Roccat Vulcan 120 / 121. 2 very different keyboards I know. Also read that the Steel Series Apex 5 is very good for the price, although I’m unsure of the ’hybrid mechanical‘ switches?

Please help 🙈
I can't say I know a lot about keyboards and I'm not a competitive gamer, but I had a Corsair K63 with Cherry reds until a few months ago and it was very, very, loud. Before that for many years I had a Noppoo Choc Mini with Cherry browns that being semi tactile should have been louder, that was much quieter.

I guess it was something about the Corsair board that just made it BANG. I watched a review of the K70 MK2 with reds and it sounded very similar.

FWIW I'm currently using a Varmilo V88m with Cherry silent reds and its a much higher quality thing all around and obviously much quieter, but it wasnt cheap and doesnt have any macro keys or RGB.


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Jan 13, 2020
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Hi Dave11!

There are quite a lot of options on the market. I have one of the original Corsair K65 TKL RGB. As one of the first iterations lots of things have changed like the typeface on the keys and the brightness of the RGB LEDs. And this one actually uses two USB 2.0 cables. Still, a rock-solid keyboard that will likely last a lifetime. The Cherry MX Reds are loud, sure, but also a little nostalgic of old keyboards. Regardless of which switches you get, it'll probably take a little getting used to.

If you care about keeping software in unison by going with Logitech, I can't say much about their keyboards, but I have always stood by their build quality.