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  1. Dave11

    My head is frazzled trying to pick a gaming keyboard!!!

    Hi all. As my title suggests, my head is frazzled by the amount of gaming keyboards available and which one to pick? My budget is £150 max and I mainly enjoy FPS based games. (If it helps, I use the Logitech G PRO mouse) I am looking for full size mechanical. I currently use a cheap TUF...
  2. Kebabman 66

    Question Keyboard stopped working after windows update

    Hello, my keyboard has stopped working after updating my windows, I’ve gone to the old version of windows and the keyboard works but unfortunately windows must update so the keyboard cannot work. The keyboard works on other windows computers and macs. It lights up, turns on but doesn’t do...
  3. ancitele

    Question white shark viking 2 C Letter not working

    I have a white shark viking 2 and the C letter and number 3 arent working sometimes they start working like now and sometimes they stop keyboard is old 1 month please help