Is it likely a keyboard could hides a spy wifi module ?

Jul 17, 2020
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Hi all,
I bought a Gamming keyboard E.G. K900 a year ago that I found cool and good enough for my needs.
being linux fond user I installed a SOLYDXK distro and while browing the hardware, it reveals a sub-device below my KB.

It is a single classic Wired LED keyboard - USB-wired model with no battery compartment and no extra wifi mouse.

Could it be that some Tech guys hide a wifi module in the Keyboard that could act as a keylogger or maybe the Distro is detecting some modules and interpret it as a connection device ?

See Hardware detection results here :

*since its a Gamming KB I thought of asking about it in this Forum if you d know more specialized Forum, let me know.
:eek: PS : Since I saw this I drop the KB and plugged my previous Logitech one instead. - K900 spex page Here