IS GTA V Cross Platform?

Nov 29, 2022
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For what reason is GTA V not Cross-Playable/Stage?

Above all else, GTA V isn't accessible for Cross-stage/cross-playability. A player with a Xbox can't coordinate or play with a player with a PC or a PS4. The main explanation is because of Undertaking Need. Rockstar can place cash into the game however not so much that it faulters the advancement of different games.

Late declarations say that they are closing down Red Dead On the web. Additionally, with the new GTA 6 holes, they not set in stone to gain ground on the game however much as could reasonably be expected. Furthermore, GTA Online rakes in some serious cash with the assistance of Shark Cards that proposal in-game money. To that end they don't have to end the lucrative behind the game, as it produces income without significant speculation.


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