I want to buy SimCity 2000 or 3000 ¿Who's better?

Sep 17, 2023
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I'm new on this forum.
I am interested in buying one of those games. I would like to know which one you think is better, and why. It would help me a lot to make a final decision. I also share with you what my criteria are (that is, what I value most in a game like this):

-1. Realism in the management system. That is, I want to feel like I'm the mayor of the city, not a lady pressing random buttons in a computer game.
-2. Interaction with citizens. I like knowing that my citizens are there, and I like that their mood toward my government influences the gameplay experience in some way.
-3. Graphics. I know it's an old game. I am not aiming for great realism but rather nice graphics to look at and with good color.
-4. UX. Although it is not what matters most to me, I would like to consider the game's interface and its ease of being learned and used correctly.
-5. Language. I would prefer the game to be in Spanish, it would be a plus point although nothing too important.
-6. Mods. It seems that it is not something very important to me when I put it in sixth place, but maybe if there are interesting mods I will use some.
-7. Loading speed. I put it in seventh place because I know that it is something that is conditioned by the computer on which it runs, but I imagine that the game itself will influence it and obviously I like to wait as little as possible so at this point, I give preference to the most fast.
-8. The "experience" itself: which leaves a more satisfying feeling when you finish playing.

The points are ordered from most to least important. I will value your opinions on each of these topics to make the final decision. Thanks in advance.
I wonder why forums showed the German for one game and the English for another. Its not the first time its done it... random.

Two days after I bought my 1st PC ever, I bought Simcity 3000... that was 1999... expecting me to remember it... i remember little bits.

3000 more realistic... it almost expects you to be a town planner to play it. Not to extent of Cities skylines though.
3000 has the better graphics since its newer.

SIm city has no end... for a long time I didn't know you could win the game. 1st game has a win state but every other one doesn't. So you just finish when you want to... back in time I was probably restricted by CPU ability to cope with all the actions but now, it wouldn't be a problem on reasonably modern hardware.
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I wonder why forums showed the German
Probably due to poor linking on GOG, which gave me a German link to copy—looks like German is GOG's default, and other languages need to be selected.

The change is easy, fixed above—just edit in…
…between the '.com' and the '/game' bits in the URL—for English language, similar for other languages, eg edit in '/fr' gets you the French page.