I own a lot of "dead" games.

I was looking through my Steam library today and realized quite a few of the games I own are one's I won't get to ever play again. What's even strange is most of them are dead games, not because they were bad gameplaywise or mechanically, but do to bad decisions by the publishers/developers.

The games that I wish I could still play:
  • Firefall - Jetpack MMO with first/third person shooter mechanics and PVP arenas.
  • Global Agenda - Jetpack MMO with first/third person shooter mechanics and PVP arenas...
  • Lawbreakers - Jetpack class based arena shooter with unique class features.
  • Hawken - Mech based PVP arena with various mech chassics and... jetpacks.
  • Tribes Ascend - Jetpacks, the game.
  • Nuclear Dawn - Competitive first person shooter on large Battlefield style maps with a RTS commander deploying buildings, turrets and cover. There was probably a jetpack in there somewhere too.
  • Dirty Bomb - Fast paced team based PVP shooter. A kind of Quake meets COD. No jetpacks that I'm aware of, but there was parkour.
  • Monday Night Combat - A free-to-play team arena game with MOBA mechanics built into the levels/gamemodes.

The games that can stay dead:
  • All Points Bulletin - I recall very little except it was kind of like GTA Online without the good part.
  • Alien vs Predator - Asymmetric multiplayer with three teams OR a co-operative wave based shooter. The former was interesting, but imbalanced, the later was dark and boring.
  • Evolved - Jetpacks? Check. Classes? Check. Co-op mechanics? Check. I honestly liked Evolved but I wish it had gone the Monster Hunter route instead of the competitive shooter.
What can we learn from all of this? If your game has jetpacks, it's probably doomed, unfortunately. Most of these games were F2P so I don't think I lost any money on them, but others I know for sure I spend a little money on (Global Agenda, Lawbreakers, Nuclear Dawn).

How many dead games do you have? Which ones do you wish were still around, and which ones should stay in their coffins?
I've noticed the same recently (today actually) when I was browsing through my list for something to play.
One which I paid for was called Nether, it seemed like it had promise but then the devs just stopped supporting it, now No one plays and I've been unable to connect to any servers.

Wow, I briefly played that one and forgot it existed. It was going to be a survival MMO of some kind with Day Z stuff right?
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@Dan the atmosphere was awesome, I remember when I found a players stash on top of a building, he knew i was there and i knew he was looking for me, a game of cat and mouse began as i stole his stuff and mutants were stalking around us both. it was great and suspenseful.
I hope it or something like it gets a proper release.
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Does anyone remember Nosgoth? It was a multiplayer game set in the Legacy of Kain universe (my nick is based on this universe BTW). You could control vampires or humans in an online matches. It was in some humble bundle and this is how I got it. The game never came out of Early Access. I spent a few hours on it and I don't miss it, but it was the first game which came to my mind when I saw the thread. :)
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Battlefield V Firestorm is my saddest one on the list. I LOVED that BR mode, but the player count dropped very quickly. I think if BRs stick with what COD Warzone did (F2P for everyone), they'll survive much longer.

SCUM was fun for a bit but I don't think it's held anyone's interest for long. Averaging around 2,800 players according to steamcharts.
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