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Apr 30, 2020
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Hey guys,
I forgot my google account, how can I easy frp bypass the step of importing that account. There are some games I'm logging into from that account, I'm asking for password again but no response. Anyone who knows how to dress up can help me. Thank you for reading!


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It's hard to understand what you're saying but you need that Google account. When you try to get your password reset, is it coming back to you by email? If so, you might need to check in your spam folders or wherever your email system puts automated emails.

I've got no clue what "frp" is supposed to be.
frp bypass
What's that?

importing that account
Where are you importing it to?
Are you talking about some component of your Google account—like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs? That you want to import into some other software…?

I'm asking for password again but no response
I hope your account recovery email is not one accessible only thru the account you can't get into.
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