Help with options for upgrading ram

Dec 26, 2023
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My Dell XPS 8950 desktop currently has an i9-12900K 3200mhz processor and 1x16GB DDR5 4800mhz ram. I want to upgrade the ram from 16GB to 64GB and I was looking at the Crucial RAM 64GB Kit (2x32GB) DDR5 4800MT/s, but I also saw that the Crucial Pro RAM 64GB Kit (2x32GB) DDR5 5600MT/s is the same price. Since Intel says i9 processors only support up to DDR5 4800 MT/s ram, I have a few questions:

  1. Would it be more cost effective to go for the Crucial Pro 64GB 5600MT/s since it has heat spreaders and is downclock capable to 4800MT/s?
  2. Would going with 5600MT/s ram give me issues because it's higher than what my cpu supports despite the downclocking capability?
  3. Would it be necessary to utilize the downclocking capability of the 5600MT/s ram for it to work in my pc?
  4. Is it just a safer move to go with the 4800 MT/s ram even though it doesn't have heat spreaders?
*for context- I don't use my desktop for gaming, but I do regularly use it for photo editing and multitasking and right now with the 16GB ram my in use memory is typically 90-95% in use
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