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  1. V

    Question [Help] ASUS Z270G Motherboard not recognizes GPU on PCI-E (x1) Riser Boards

    Hi, I have a PC with a ASUS Z270G Motherboard, i7 7700 and two GPUs (a GTX 1070 Ti and another GTX1070). The issue is that running both GPUs on the PCI-E x16 slots in my motherboard does not offer adequate cooling and the upper card gets really hot with poor airflow. Attempting to solve this...
  2. DaKorona

    Motherboards - What am I looking for?

    So, here's the deal, I got into PC building back in 2012. I built a computer that comprised of a sandybridge processor (i7 3930k) that I'm still using today. I've started saving for a new computer entirely because I realise this processor is just not holding up to the task any more. Though it...
  3. Zak

    Question PC upgrading and compatibility

    Hello Guys, I m lookin' for some good advice regarding upgrading my PC. Currently, I have i7 3770, with GTX 660ti and 8GB RAM (2x4gb DDR3 1600hz). Motherboard -P8Z77-v LX2 . I m planning to get used GTX 1070 (msi or zotac 8gb mini) or new Zotac GTX 1660. also I want to add 1x4gb RAM (for one of...
  4. C

    Question Boot-loop when installing extra RAM

    I've got the Gigabyte H110M-H mobo. I have two generic green 8GB DDR4 Samsung RAM sticks. I've got one in my motherboard right now, and one sitting on my desk. When I try to put this other RAM into the motherboard and turn the computer on, I enter this state in which the lights inside my PC will...
  5. Biggie

    Ram compatibility with MSI B450-A PRO MAX

    I wanna upgrade my pc real fast as I am currently trying to finish up a model in blender but as some of you probably know its painfull to work with an old i3 cpu. Solution: I will buy a new motherboard so I can buy a new cpu. So I found a MSI B450-A PRO MAX on a local store for 60 euros which...
  6. rulercw

    Question Which brand/model should I consider for motherboard?

    Hi Guys, It is my first post on PCGamer, recently I bought an AMD Ryzen 5 3600. First time in life I'm trying to build a new custom gaming rig. I need help to choose a motherboard, local market prices are on high and most popular brands and models are not available in the market like MSI...
  7. Micromantic

    Help me decide what motherboard to buy [R5 3600] [550 mATX]

    Why Are You Upgrading: I'm upgrading from a R3 2200G and 16GB 2400 to R5 3600 and 32GB 3200/3600. I want a 550M Motherboard for future-proofing. I can't buy an x570 because I'm using a mATX Q300L that I don't intend to replace. My current mobo is an ASUS Prime B450m-A/CSM, I've always chosen...
  8. Mrunang

    Question Hey Can anyone tell me which is the best motherboard for i9 9900k ??

    Hey i want a new motherboard for my i9 9900k CPU. Can anyone suggest any good motherboard for gaming ?
  9. T

    When should I rebuilt my PC

    My PC: -H97 ANNIVERSARY FOR 1150 SOCKETS -i5 4460 INTEL -R9 380 AMD MSI - 8 GB OF RAM -EVGA 500W POWER SUPPLIE I play games like the Witcher 3, Subnautica, COD, GTA, exploration/survival games (ARK)... My question is: when should I build another PC? I bought the PC that I have right now in...
  10. F

    Building PC help

    hi, we are attempting to build out first gaming Pc and after 4 attempts it’s completely dead when we turn the power on. We thought it was the power supply but that works when we test it. We’re now wondering Whether it could be the motherboard? motherboard. Our PSU works when we did tests on...
  11. tonymca

    How to fix freezing bios

    I have a pc with an Asus m5a97 r2.0 motherboard that runs perfectly normal except that when I try to enter the bios it freezes with half the screen cut off.