Fling trainers can trash your pc.

I used their trainer on dragonhier

I am at a stage where i am stuck at the following quests
1. Kill female orc
2. End of fallen
3. Dragons nest
4 Fey meander lvl 20

I cant do these because my best fighters are not good enough , in the past i have used a few of the fling trainers to help me as i have restricted finger movement and this sometimes makes this type of game a lot harder for me.

I downloader the trainer for this game and unpacked the tz file but it was obvious it was not working so i uninstalled the trainer and thats where things turned bad.

I was told to do a restart to completely remove the trainer which i though unusual.
After the restart all i got was a black screen and the only thing that works is the task manager , i now have a dead pc as i cant even run repair or re-install windows.

The only good thing is that i tested the trainer on my spare pc and not my games rig.
on my other pc i googled ..... why cant i access safe mode or recovery console. The answer was ... its very difficult to get to these on pc's that have ssd because they boot so fast. Then i found a real simple fix to get to recovery options .... bring up task manager then whist holding down shift key do a restart and wait. The good news is it worked and windows is currently being re installed