Anyone using 100+ milestones with satisfactory game.

Ok so first a message to moderators if i am doing wrong by posting this here please dont ban me just tell me if i done wrong.

On my first playthrough of satisfactory i ran out of things to do so i installed the 100 + milestones mod but after a few months the games makers did a big update and it trashed all the mods.
In 20 years of pc gaming it was the first mod i had ever used so was not aware that things like that mod getting wiped out would happen.

I am now at a point in my second playthrough where i have run out of things to do again

I wrote to the mod makers and asked how to use the mod without an update to the game trashing it but they did not help me.

On steam discussions i asked the same question and got various answers.

1. No answer
2. figure it out for yourself
3. Get out of the discussions you dont belong here if your using a mod but the odd thing was other players were openly talking about the mod. .

All i want to do is use the mod without an update for the main game wiping out what i have done.
The mod does get updated after a game update but by that time its too late because the satisfactory update will have trashed what you have done.

PLEASE NOTE on this playthrough i am not using any mods or trainers


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Satisfactory is still in Early Access, so it's going to get lots of big updates. Whenever updates happen, there's a possibility that they will break modifications to the game. Even a small update can sometimes break a mod beyond the mod author's ability to repair it.

Mod authors rarely get access to changes before the updates happen, so they find out that they break the same time you do: when they break. Mod authors also don't normally get paid anything - they just make the mods for fun. They will get around to updating the mod whenever they feel like it, which could be quickly and could be never. Pestering them about it will just make the "never" option all the more likely.

As for defending yourself against updates, well, when you see an updating is coming, don't play the game. Instead, go to the mod's web page (or Steam Workshop entry or wherever you got the mod) and see if people are saying that the mod is breaking after the update. If they are, back off and play something different or uninstall the mod and play without it.

Though, in this case, I'm not at all surprised you're getting bored. You started a topic on the game way back in January! There aren't many single player games that are going to be able to hold anyone's attention for that length of time! It's time to move on to another game.
please dont ban me
BANg, you're dead! Gotta scare you, it's Halloween :D

turn off steam auto updates , wait for update , dont down load it , stop using game wait for mod update and then update it before going back to game
That might work… dunno, haven't played a modded Early Access game. However, @Zloth's approach sounds better to me while waiting:
uninstall the mod and play without it
If you want an easy safeguard, then make a disk image of your game drive—and OS drive too, in case the game writes files there. See my sig for a guide—this will enable you to revert to the previous state if something goes wrong.
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