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Dr. Rev. Jozef von Pishgenstein, esq., Archdirectorate of Community Evil, of course.

With several well-developed lairs and a new one the works, von Pishgenstein strives to maximize shenanigans and flim-flammery through artful use of confusing acronyms and exhaustion-inducing guidelines. Agents attempting to infiltrate his high-tech hideouts are dazed by meetings rife with polysyllabic over-explaining of simple concepts, that is if they aren't accosted by roving bands of (entirely volunteer!) henchmen first.
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Apr 5, 2021
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You can't mess with perfection, my name would obviously be "Dr. Salabencher" 💉, a short backstory to my name is as a young child I misheard Jango Fett from the PS2 game Star Wars: Bounty Hunter say "Sorry bastard" and my young self started saying Salabencher to imitate Jango Fett. I hope it instills fear in the masses when I use a weather dominator or something to that scale. :unsure:

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