Loved this movie and cant wait for part 2 and probably a part 3. I read the book, watched the old movie and the miniseries, so ive been a fan of dune, i loved bladerunner 2049 so ive been excited for this movie. Villeneuve did a great job with the desert, the worm, the different species etc. and i feel the casting was done pretty well. Overall a solid sci-fi for anyone.
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Agreed. The production was very well done. The world created was amazing. Might have been a little slow for some, but the stage needed to be set properly to tell a very compelling story.

Looking forward to the next release.
I read most of the Frank Herbert Dune books, I haven't read many of his sons extensions on the story
Should make Emperor Dune.

books are so deep I find it difficult to believe they ever really work as movies.

I haven't seen new one, wait for part 2. I saw the Sting one, where most of budget was spent on making eyes blue. Much easier now. And cheaper.
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