what wheel shoud i be looking at?

Aug 10, 2021
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hi! ive not been on for ages but i have been gaming throughout the day every day on my gaming laptop and im looking for advice on getting a steering wheel that just runs/is RTR with games such as FORZA horizon 5, project cars 2, GRIP: combat racing, overpass (if possible-i know it draws in a lot of negativity but i find it pretty relaxing) ,WRC6,RIDE 3 etc.
one other thing really, is there such thing as a wheel that comes without the need for pedals? as im physicaly disabled i dont have feeling threw my feet/legs so id never be able to operate it corectly .
im wondering if i coud either buy a wheel without the pedals and theyve already been mapped onto the wheel-OR-either its easily done mapping the pedals to the buttons on the steering wheel (with as little steps needed as possible-i have learning disability and classic autism).
this is why i loved/still love the official sega saturn wheel as there were no pedals included and i still use this to this day with my saturn even though its knackered now.

i have researched this in the past on other sites including steam but got no replies. ive watched xpertgamingtechs videos on youtube for a long time- both for entertainment value and to get ideas for wheels,he plays in manual though wheras id have to play in automatic as i cant cope with so many steps being involved-ive seen the highs and the lows hes experienced with various games,so there doesnt seem to be one wheel that fits all games although the thrustmaster brand does seem to be as good as you can get,but i regulary see different complaints on driving or sim racing games about different wheels not working, it baffles the hell out of me as it makes my search for a good wheel all the more confusing.

is there any ideas with this one guys?
i know decent wheels dont come cheap but i dont think money is a huge problem for me ive been told ive got a fair amount of savings-i had asked my support staff a few days ago if i coud get a high end gaming PC,and it sounded like they were going to put the idea forward to my appointee (the person who makes what are called 'best interest decisions' on my behalfl, looks after my moneys,any finance stuff or paper work or bills etc) but then they unfortunately remembered i had pre ordered the biggest deck in early july 2021-hoping the email is coming any day now,i was also hoping they had forgot about the deck) ...its about time i got a wheel and im still going to aim for getting a gaming PC to be honest as FORZA horizon 5 on my laptop setup is a bit dodgy,passes both minimum and recomended settings, its down to the GPU-you can see the lag and stutter if driving fast and the poor draw distance.

anyway ,thats my waffle over and out,if youve got this far without collapsing from boredom,i salute you!
Well, I didn't collapse from boredom, and I play most of those games, but I just use a controller. My one concern about your plan is what you are going to map the brake and throttle to. If they just go to normal buttons, you are going to lose almost your entire advantage to having a wheel, and it would be much better just to use a controller.

Looking around a bit, I found where someone had asked a similar question elsewhere, and this wheel in the link is the only one I found that looks like it would do the job without pedals, as it has a paddle system on the wheel: https://fanatec.com/eu-en/steering-wheels/csl-elite-steering-wheel-mclaren-gt3-v2

Then there is this, which seems to be able to add a paddle system to any compatible wheel: https://fanatec.com/eu-en/shifters-others/podium-advanced-paddle-module?number=P_APM

Disclaimer: I've never used either of these. All I did was read the product descriptions.
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