Do you have a favorite casual-type game you can just fire up whenever to relax?


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Casual game would be described as:
1) Playable in short sessions
2) Simple controls
3) Simple, easy to understand gameplay

Although I'm sure there are plenty of people who would argue it isn't a casual game, I use Super Mega Baseball for this. I'm not looking to debate whether SMB really is a casual game. That's just how I use it--casually. If I don't feel like getting all involved in another game, I just fire up SMB and play, often not even a full game, but just a few innings at a time.

So do you have a casual game (or casual-like game) that you can just fire up for short, easy sessions?
Aug 2, 2023
rdr2. just get on your horse and explore. find bones. find rock carvings. find cards. find rare plants. find cool places to take screenshots. find a few o'driscolls and throw dynamite into their camp or flee their horses while they're not watching. kidnap a few people, then run away from the law with them strapped to your horses. fish. hunt rare carcasses. gather herbs and recipes.
I've had times when I just left rdr2 running for a whole day, and sat down for 30-40 min sessions when I had time.


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I can't think of any game where that applies. I suppose I could do that with No Man's Sky or Subnautica 2 in creative mode - but I don't. If I'm looking for that sort of relaxation, I go through and name/file my screenshots and videos.

One of the Trials games. Easy to get into, though not the most relaxing games😅
Trials or Trails?
I go through and name/file my screenshots
You know, that's what I should do too—got loads sitting there as Screenshot 0173 :rolleyes:

My default daily casual is Pohtzee, which is a mash of Poker and Yahtzee—a hand takes less than 5 minutes. I don't know if it can still be found anywhere—original site is unreachable at the moment—but if any of you do take it up, here's my high score from 2½ years ago to beat:


The alternative is Picross Touch, which is free.
Lately, this has been Diablo 4 for me. Between work, stuff that goes on during the week, and playing Remnant 2, its been easy for me to jump in, run a dungeon or two, maybe a world boss or other event that might happen while im on, then i get off. None of the patches have affected my build, so outside of personal tweaking, im crushing mobs which makes it fun, i already have the battlepass done so just getting a character to 100 is the last thing i need to do and this season lasts until Oct. 17th so no rush.
No, not really. I get bored of games pretty quickly, so there isn't one game I consistently go back to. I also rarely play games to relax, I mostly prefer to get really immersed and engaged by the games I play. Plus, my favourite part of a game is usually when I'm still figuring out the mechanics, so I don't play a lot of games with simple, easy to understand mechanics.

If I do want to relax with a game, I usually pick a 4X like Civilization V or an open-world game like Skyrim and just screw around a bit.
Jun 22, 2021
Now it's LoL.
Played that game years ago and I hated the format so I stopped.
After they put ARAM in I tried it out and it was ok, but couldn't get into it.
Then one day I found a game called Vayne Glory. I loved the characters, and the quick play gamemode. 5 minute game mode, 1 lane and a jungle, everyone speed leveled and 3 vs 3. It was just a great quick game and fast and furious.
Well when then game shutdown I just couldn't get my fix anymore so I started to play ARAM and now it partially fills the hollow void of infinite emptiness, but only cause my game is dead. =(


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