Do you have a favorite casual-type game you can just fire up whenever to relax?

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another is watch dogs 2. I just find the way they recreated San Francisco to be astonishing. Can spend hours roaming the streets for no reason.
Second this. I love getting lost in their recreation of San Francisco. So many sights to see and cool areas to explore. I loved the ScoutX mini missions where you had to take pictures of landmarks, what a great way to get the player to explore more.

Not very casual, I find games like Far Cry 6 and Fallout 4 to be relaxing to me. These games are easy for me to jump into, mow down some enemies, do some exploring, and feel satisfied even just playing a little bit. They are quick to get into some action, or I can go on a peaceful adventure and avoid combat. There is always something to find everywhere you look in these games.

When it comes to more traditional casual games, I really enjoy Wordle on my phone as a quick and easy game to play when I don’t want to boot up my PC. Rider’s Republic is also a great relaxing game.
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Currently replaying Paradise Quest, an old fav Match 3 which has a really chill vibe—it's a challenge if you play timed, or just a zone-out if not. The music and sound effects blend with the whole relax vibe.

Very highly rated there, 41 of 46 are 5-star. It didn't show up in searches of Steam or GOG, so probably only on the casual game sites.

An unusual feature is well described by one reviewer:

"The game board moves as you make matches. As you make a match on the right side, the game board will shift that direction so that you lose sight of the far left side of the board. A match towards the bottom of the board, and it shifts down, so you lose the top of the playing area. There is no way to shift the playing board except to make a match in the opposite direction you want the playing field to go."

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