Do you have a favorite casual-type game you can just fire up whenever to relax?

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another is watch dogs 2. I just find the way they recreated San Francisco to be astonishing. Can spend hours roaming the streets for no reason.
Second this. I love getting lost in their recreation of San Francisco. So many sights to see and cool areas to explore. I loved the ScoutX mini missions where you had to take pictures of landmarks, what a great way to get the player to explore more.

Not very casual, I find games like Far Cry 6 and Fallout 4 to be relaxing to me. These games are easy for me to jump into, mow down some enemies, do some exploring, and feel satisfied even just playing a little bit. They are quick to get into some action, or I can go on a peaceful adventure and avoid combat. There is always something to find everywhere you look in these games.

When it comes to more traditional casual games, I really enjoy Wordle on my phone as a quick and easy game to play when I don’t want to boot up my PC. Rider’s Republic is also a great relaxing game.
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