Discord is down

No, getting this message doesn't mean you are blocked

even though it says it does...

Its an error, they are aware of it: https://www.androidauthority.com/discord-is-down-3369789/

Just wait. I assume it will fix itself.
I noticed the servers were being odd. I typed a line and got red text. that normally means I am not attached to network... usually my end but it was working fine. So I thought... I close client and logon again... that sort of worked but all the channels couldn't show any messages. So I closed all the Discord processes again, tried to get back in and that is when I got that message...

At this point I went to google and found i wasn't only one.
Discord is a lot like IRC and I noticed people coming and going all night, which was like a netsplit when servers would get disconnected and there would be 2 or more versions of the channel in existence and it was only when the problem was fixed that everyone was back in one place.

Its hard to tell at some hours as I am normally awake when most people are asleep so being in a channel alone is pretty normal.
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