Century: Age of Ashes - did someone try it?


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Since we don't have a subforum for online and TPP games, I'm posting this here. Few days ago a very interesting game was released. It' a TPP online dragon fighting game called Century: Age of Ashes. I had an occasion to play it for a few hours and I must say that that it's really fun. It feels like Divinity 2 when you gain the ability to transform into a dragon, but focuses on combat with living players.

The game is based mostly on 6 vs 6 battles. There are four different game modes and one of them seems very original. You have to collect gold from computer controlled dragons and stash them in your treasury. This one is my favorite. The other modes are: a variation on capture the flag and team deathmatch 6 vs 6 and 3 vs 3. They're also very enjoyable.

The dragon controls are something you need to get used to. Especially the camera floating effect when you turn around, but once you take a grip it's really entertaining. There are some minor problems like collisions with obstacles which aren't done properly especially when it comes to animations, but they don't destroy the positive image of the game in my eyes. Also there could be more maps, but maybe they'll be added in the future.

The good thing is that there are many noobs in the game right now, so it doesn't have a high level of entry for new players. We'll see how the fan base of the game will develop in the future. I'll probably stay with the game for a while since I'm a little tired with Quake Champions.

And one more thing! It's free to play without invasive microtransactions!

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