cannot find bootable drive

Jul 10, 2023
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I have a big problem! I have an asus tuf gaming x570-plus motherboard. Bios version is the latest 4602 x64, which I applied in June with no issues. I bought a new processor ryzen 9 5900. Installed it, and when I boot, I have no drives to boot from. I have a Sabrant m.2 2280 1tb as boot drive (c&d drives) and a sabrant m.2 2280 500gb (e drive), plus other storage devices connected to use internal and external usb. I went through the bios and under advanced sata, there is an m.2_1 that is grayed out and right below is m.2_1 which if I click on it, I get asked to change the name of the drive. (is apply to the m.2_2 drive as well). I'm not sure if i should change the name or not. Under onboard devics all drive show up including both Sabrant drives, but they are greyed out and give no info
The correct processor shows up as does the memory.
I can provide any other bios information that you think would help.


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