Bright Memory: Infinite

A Crysis meets Shadow Warrior type FPS just released on steam. Its actually getting favorable reviews. Its only 20 bucks which makes up for its short but fun campaign. This one has been on my radar since the original Bright Memory came out. The developer (which at the time was only 1 person) had done a great job and i totally wanted more. The dev stated that anyone that had purchased the demo (was 5 bucks) would get this game for free, so i got it for free and was glad i did. Not sure if anyone was looking for a new FPS to play with the new COD and Battlefield being out, but those games are lame lol.

My take is that, first of all, its gorgeous (runs 4k, ultra/ray tracing at over 100fps on my i7 4790k/3070ti) looking and its fun to play. Switching between using weapons or pulling your enemies close to you to hack and slash them to death never gets old to me. There are some technical issues with the release, the gun sounds are a bit to be desired, and the campaign is pretty short (id say maybe 2 hours total), but the abilities you get to deploy and the fact that its just 20 bucks make up this for me (though i got it for free since i bought the demo like 2 years ago). The story is mostly forgettable but the fun romp through this game is well worth it.

Saw the gmanlives review on youtube. Looks good and whilst it feels like a chinese knockoff of bulletstorm+Shadow warrior it looks pretty good and plays pretty well. Apparently its still a bit short so i'll probably wait till its on a sale. Like Gmanlives said: " i'm here to kick bubblegum and chew arse."
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I got it for "free" because I bought the OG Bright Memory. Quite a fun and very good looking game. It is worth a playthrough but some people who are sensitive to value should wait for a sale. It is maybe 2 hours (roughly) of content for $20. Personally I like supporting these indie projects so I bought the cosmetics but it's gonna be too steep for some people at full price.
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Jan 14, 2020
At first the game didn’t grab my attention. Then I saw a Twitter post written by Adrian Chmielarz (Painkiller, Bulletstorm, Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Witchfire) which highly praised the game. Now I’m definitely interested. I add this title to my wishlist and will buy it for sure when it gets on sale. It’s not that expensive, but I’m a little discouraged by its length.
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Yea the length is kinda hard to deal with but I'm assuming there will be more in the future. What gets more replay for me is achievement hunting. Beating the game on different difficulties doesn't stack and you wont be able to get "x number of kills with so and so weapon" in 1 play through, so you do need to replay the game a couple times to get all achievements.
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