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@Zloth Noe idea what city it is, but sure looks nice though. That daemonic scorcher did look a bit nasty and I thought it proooooobably was a good idea to sneak past him. I did try to shoot at some kind of fire robots not far from that camp and my attacks did absolutely nothing to them. Strangely enough, the damage I did in the starter zone did the same damage even if I was LVL 10, which made me think that enemies would just scale to your level.

I'm going to venture forth later today or tomorrow and see just how far I can get around there and maybe even find some nice loot that I can use to upgrade my low-level character. I'm guessing that if the enemy is high level, the loot will be also, meaning more metal shards. Yaaaarrr!


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As mentioned in Sward's thread: Elden Ring - What do you score it? I dwelled deep into the content to find something to defeat Margit with and here are some of the screenshots from my adventure.

That looks awesome! I want to experience that game without actually having to, y'know, play a Dark Souls game. XD (I'm sure they're great for the people who like them, but based on everything I've seen and heard, it would be an exercise in pure frustration for me.)
I want to experience that game without actually having to, y'know, play a Dark Souls game
If it's moddable, someone will produce 'god mode' where you're invincible. Of course you may need to kill some opponents to trigger an event, so you may have a bit of whack-a-mole to endure—but looks worth it. I may do similar with God of War at some stage.
consistently pretty
Lighting looks off to me in the last one.
Sun is top right, yet rays brighten side of guy's face which should be in shadow.

General shadows seem to range from strong—with no obvious cause—to weak. Eg just right of guy's chest slanting NE is a strong shadow with no cause, only skinny little trees. Then there are only weak shadows on the solid objects to his left.

Such Qs aside, it does look very nice :)


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You mean in the last picture? That's one of the 'god rays' between the camera and the character. It's not lighting his face, it's lighting the "dust" between your eye and his face. BUT, that's still wrong - if there was that much dust, you wouldn't be able to see very far at all!

I'm not sure what you're talking about wrt shadows (you don't say which picture!), but I don't doubt it. This game screams 'cheap' pretty constantly throughout. But it still comes out pretty!
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