Info Attention Laptop Shoppers: Read This Before You Buy (RE: GPU's)

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Buying a gaming laptop became increasingly difficult with the introduction of Nvidia's 30xx series of graphic cards. Why? Because two different laptops that both have the RTX 3060, for example, can produce wildly differing performance. This is because laptop manufacturers are throttling the GPU performance by providing it with less power. How much less just depends on how well the laptop cools.

The key spec you are looking for here is TGP, or Total Graphics Power, and it isn't always easy to find. But it's important that you find it before you make your purchase because laptops vary from a low of 65 watts to up to 150 watts. Needless to say, a laptop that provides the GPU with 65 watts is not going to perform very well (the card can handle up to 170 watts), so I thought it would be nice, since a lot of stores don't list the TGP, to provide links to a few comprehensive lists of laptops and their corresponding TGP's. Simply follow the appropriate link and search for your laptop name/model.

Laptops with the RTX 3060
Laptops with the RTX 3070
Laptops with the RTX 3080
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