Question Asus VZ239H-W monitor acting very strangely

Dec 5, 2020
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My daughter and I just built her first gaming rig together and all seemed well with the installation of Windows until the GPU drivers installed. Then her Asus monitor refused to pick up the signal unless another monitor was plugged in as well. So just to clarify, it works fine as a second screen but not as the primary??? The GPU is a AMD Radeon RX 570. All the other monitors in the house work fine, including my old (but till pretty good) Dell 24". My daughter suffers from migraines and monitor flicker is one of the triggers. We purchased the Asus monitor because it has a higher refresh rate and it supposed to be flicker free. When I was able to get into the settings the darn thing would not run at 75Hz. The max setting it would run at is 59Hz. I talked to Asus support (well kind of) and received a lot of "can you please repeat that", grunts and oh's, and the occasional, "I see, I see" , but I am pretty sure that most of it was lost in translation. They of course want us to send it back for repairs. Any chance any of you have had the same or similar issues and found a resolution?

Oh and yes we tried different HDMI cords with different monitors.
I assume you switched the port on the GPU which the monitor was attached to? It used to be that one port was the primary and the other the secondary—I don't know if that still applies today.

If you installed the GPU drivers from Microsoft, go to the GPU chip maker's site—very likely either AMD or Nvidia—and get the drivers there and install them. They'll usually be more up-to-date than MS's version.


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