Anyone else looking forward to Craftopia?

I looked it up and boy does it look like they asset flipped stuff from Zelda BOTW. It seems to promise a lot but let us know if it meets expectations.

Once you get into it, it actually doesn't look as good as BOTW even though it has the same art style. It's a fun game, though. Put about a dozen hours in so far.

It has a ton of content but it's still relatively early in development and needs some work in areas. For instance, the pacing is just not right. As an example, so far I've run into the following item tiers for pickaxes: stone, copper, iron, silver, steel, and titanium, but all of these except for titanium are available in the first world you start in. If you wanted to, you could create a stone pick, go get some copper, make a copper pick, go get some iron, make an iron pick, etc. until you were done with the material progression in just a few minutes. which makes it kind of pointless.

Devs are really good, though. Right now they are mostly squashing bugs and working on balance rather than adding new content, and they are releasing rather large patches every day.

I'm more forgiving of EA games than most people seem to be, though, so I probably wouldn't recommend the game just yet. There's plenty to do, but you do hit a wall fairly early with some of the tech you can craft, and the story isn't in place yet, so it's really more sandbox than anything. You kind of have to have your own motivation to keep playing.

Edit: Also, combat needs some serious balancing and AI tweaks. It's too easy as it stands, and I think that would bother people more than anything. I'm still in an early-game world, and you won't have anything seriously challenge you, but then all of a sudden you'll come up against something that is literally impossible to beat (like a dragon with huge resistance that one-shots you).
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