Is anyone else looking for a 1:1 scale shipping simulator?

Interested in a 1:1 world-wide scale shipping simulator?

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Jun 13, 2023
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Howdy peeps,

Im getting ever frustrated with a lack thereof and seemingly little interest in making a world-wide 1:1 scale shipping simulator (for cargo ships, cruise ships, tankers etc) - I just want to see a game, very similar to Flight Simulator (with time-shifting , good physics, dynamic or real-world weather and 1:1 scale world) but for shipping ...

Surely Im not the only one? I know there are a few products which do shipping-simulator, but none of them have the scale (its always confined to a few 10-100's of miles squared) - the closest thing i can find is Silent Hunter 3 (old Uboat 'simulator') where you can literally motor across the Atlantic and Baltic oceans in *real time* if you so wish - and it literally takes days and weeks to get anywhere - fortunately it does also have a 'time-shift' feature like MSFS) 8]

There's also a product which DOES do 1:1 scale world map, but it's only for sailing boats/vessels and the indie dev has no intention of putting motor boats in there...

There's North Atlantic fishing (well, Canadian water fishing really) - but again, limited in size. There's Ship Simulator extreme which is just tiny tiny maps - and there's Nautis Home of course, which again is bite-sized chunks of the world ... specifically ports and stuff ...

Anyone else interested? Im semi-seriously looking at raising funds to get one built..

Have fun!
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