Reduce Image size in post

Imgur links I post here always fill the full width of the post, which is often overkill on my large TV monitor. So I'm wondering:

♣ Is this overkill actually a good thing for small devices like phones?
So it's all good.

♦ If not all good, is there a setting here or in Imgur to reduce size?


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I think forum software would scale image to match screensize.

click on image
a square outline shows around it
drag from a corner to make it smaller
Wait, what???


Eww, that's weird. I seem to have to switch to show BB code, then back to not show BB code, and then it lets me resize - but the whole thing is sized to fit the message area and won't change proportions.

Edit: but then looks right when I post it!?
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I edited your post, it was showing as really tall in the edit screen but squished in the post

I removed the sizes and just dragged up from the right hand corner to keep the right perspective. It only lets you drag from corners so any size should keep image looking right, not sure how you got a height measurement in your image as it should just have width.

did you copy that link from the image upload screen? Just curious if it put in the height.


the smallest size seems excessive - above isn't it.
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