AMD vs Nvidia – Does it still matter ?


I’m totally out of the loop on this stuff… back when I got my last GPU in 2013 it seemed like it really mattered which side you played on… but is it less important now?

I’ll have a 12700K System, 16/32GB, Win 10/11.

Are there specific reason or technologies/factors that make each side a good or bad choice?

I’d be looking at something pretty good but not crazy good - with 8-12GB for shooters, open world, all sorts of games online and offline etc.

Thank you for your help
It didnt really matter in 2013 either but fan boys are eternal.

-Nvidia has better performing ray tracing, and DLSS gives better image quality than FSR or NIS.

-AMD has more VRAM at the same performance/price tier.

On balance this generation I'd probably go with an Nvidia card, but really only the higher end ones (3060TI and up) can do ray tracing at frame rates I find acceptable , and I don't mind buying a new card every 2-3 years if the low VRAM started to be an issue.

DLSS was in part a response to RTX, Ray tracing drops frame rates HARD, so they had to do something to make it viable as people want to be hitting higher and higher frames now.

FWIW the 3060 only has 12GB because of the way VRAM works. They had a choice of 6 or 12GB and 6 wasnt enough. 12GB doesnt make the 3060 stronger, its just redundant.
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Adding to what Kaamos said, it's just a matter of pricing now, like an RX 580 is for around 280 or 300 while a GTX 1070 is like 380, both of them provide the same type of performance if paired with the same CPU.