Which Games are worth the Upgrade or more Expensive Purchase?


I'd like you to tell me about all sorts of games that you think ARE or ARE NOT worth spending a little more for the Upgraded version (eg Season Pass, Ultimate, Director's Cut etc etc)

Sometimes I have already bought the game in the past, or got a copy free... and there are hundreds of games I'm interested in and I always wonder - 'is it really worth paying extra for that version'?

For reference - I have a 3070 TI and a new 12700K build, 32GB - so I'd like games that look nice and play just as well.

Please note I am mostly interested in things which actually add to gameplay, better graphics, extra solo campaign levels/playtime (that is actually decent), new game mechanics that don't make it too easy but more interesting etc.

Not going to pay extra just for trinkets and clothing and multiplayer maps that no one ever plays etc (unless they are popular/populated).

So please tell me what are some great games which you think ARE or ARE NOT worth spending a little more for the Upgraded version (eg Season Pass, Ultimate, Director's Cut etc etc)!

Don't forget to mention which versions you are comparing and which you think is best.
Please include you're thoughts on the game good and bad and maybe a score out of 10?

I like all sorts of games - but keep in mind I've not gamed for like 5-10 years so I'm pretty out of the loop (eg some old references).

To give you an idea - I like, different Games series' like Far Cry, Tomb Raider 2013 Reboot series, Crysis, Bioshock, Portal, Modern Wolfenstein + Doom series, Deus Ex and Hitman look good?

I prefer Solo Campaigns most of all, but also really enjoy online gaming especially FPS like America's Army, Insurgent and I imagine Battlefield and COD series etc.

I'm looking forward to the Assassin's Creed type open world/Far Cry-esque adventure/explorer/walk and talk type stuff and other similar/tangentially related games like Skyrim etc?

Death Stranding, Days Gone, stuff like that look fun?

Cyberpunk, Watch Dogs?, Racing Games, puzzler games, 2D side scrollers/platformers, Indie.

You get the idea.

I'm particularly keen to play big epic AAA games that look amazing with/out RT/DLSS etc as I'm jumping from a 7970 to a 3070 Ti OC and I'm really keen to see what I've been missing!

So by all means please give me a list of the most beautiful games that actually have great gameplay too!

Thank you for your time


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Jan 17, 2020
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I am in a the same category as you. I have a super beefy computer, but I prefer to play alone as I am in my grumpy years and find that people ruin games more often than gameplay does. Anyway, I have some requirements I go through before deciding on what versions to purchase. First and foremost is what is actually included in the bundle price, does it actually save me money, or is it the same cost just combined. If at all possible, I prefer to buy the base game first, determine if I will play it long term, then upgrade if I am. For me to upgrade the product must provide some sort of replayable or extended play option. For example, I don't like buying the season pass for Destiny 2 because it only adds some cosmetic unlocks, but still requires the same general amount of farming, therefore does not meet my requirements for spending money. On the other side, if a game like Total War offered a season pass, I would buy it instantly. The only "cosmetic" dlc they generally offer is one that adds gore, the rest are new armies and new campaigns.

If you are looking for specific suggestions: Fallout (I like the newer games, but the older ones have a lot more character and better RPG elements), if you don't mind playing with some people I still love to hop in some Planet Side 2 (and you can play it for free), The Witcher Games, The Outer Worlds, Pillars of Eternity, BioShock, Dying Light. Deus Ex is fantastic, and the hitman games are incredible.

All in all, I highly suggest signing up for the pc games pass. It has A LOT of these games on it and has a fantastic selection for a rather small price. https://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-game-pass/pc-game-pass
Death Stranding, Days Gone, stuff like that look fun?
Days Gone, definitely, Death Stranding, no.

As far as extras go, sadly the trend seems to be to add trivial stuff like cosmetics, vs anything that adds more gameplay, especially since COVID. So instead I look for bang for buck games that have a ton of stuff to do in their base versions.

Some of the games I've really enjoyed lately are Gears 5, Days Gone, Halo Infinite, and God of War. Resident Evil Village is pretty good too. So my suggestion is basically to not expect too much in the way of extras, especially during COVID, and just get some games and have fun. If you can afford a rig like that, you don't need to worry about value of game content so much, but the games I mentioned are pretty good that way.
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Generally speaking i try to buy games with season pass and all the content as much as possible (at a knocked down price as i never buy at rrp, personally no game is worth spending 100+ on it). I've grown to learn that most DLC and content isn't worth it or are completely separate content to the main game (different map and or different characters etc). Most don't really hold up tbh.

Which brings it nicely to my main point, DLC that enhances the main game are my usual recommendations. Adding significant additional features and content to the base game. The main ones that spring to mind atm is the Witcher 3 GOTY and i suppose Dying light the latter expansion pack is especially tasty giving us a buggy to drive around with. Honourable mention to Assassins Creed Origins, the DLC are pretty significant chunks of story that adds to the main game. Dragons age/mass effect as well.
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I didn't answer because it's just too general. Just like some games are good and some aren't, some DLC is worth it and some isn't.

When I review on Steam, I try to mention whether the DLC is something you want to have at the very start, something you'll want mid-way through, or something that can wait until the game is nearly done. If there's a long sale on, people can buy the game, try it for a dozen hours or so, then decide whether or not to get the DLC , unless it's the kind that needs to be bought at the start to be used properly.

But yeah - pick a few games you're interested in and, if I know any of them, I'll chime in.
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