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Age of Empires 2: Top 5 Siege Civilizations

Before you start reading this article, it is important to know that this list is subjective! Multiple factors went into making this top 5 list. With that being said, let’s get started!

5. Khmer:


This civilization is just 2x Scorpions! What I mean by that is the Scorpions of this civilization shoots two shots for 1 attack, however, that does not mean that it does double the damage, the second projectile only deals half the damage of the first. They also have ballista elephants which are also technically siege units, they are just kind of tanky, short-ranged versions of scorpions which are great for dealing with archers.

4. Koreans:


This civilization have a unique tech which gives +1 range to Mangonels, they also have a team bonus which also gives an extra +1 range to Mangonels so in total they get extra +2 range! So if you throw in siege engineers in there, it will give it 11 range, which is 1 more than Frank, Persians, Slavs, Celts, and Malians’ castle so you can safely shoot it down! However, in one of the patches, they have replaced the team bonus with Mangonels getting their minimum range reduced.

3. Mongols:


This civilization has a unique tech called Drill which lets it’s siege units to move 50% faster which is an amazing upgrade, however, it doesn’t make their attacks stronger but still gives them a lot better utility!

2. Ethiopians:


This civilization not only has complete tech tree for the siege, but it also has a unique tech called Torsion Engines which increases the blast radius for all siege units, it is quite significant for all of the siege units, but this tech truly shines when it comes to Siege Onagers! However, this tech is only unlockable at Imperial Age which is quite late if you are thinking of rushing!

1. Celts:


The techs for the siege in this civilization is amazing! This civilization has 3 bonuses for the siege units, including, Siege weapons fire 20% faster, siege workshop units have +40% HP (Unique tech called Furor Celtica), and finally, a team bonus of siege workshops being 20% faster. If you combine all these bonuses this civilization easily outranks all the other civilizations mentioned earlier! And not to mention that the lumberjacks work 15% faster!

As mentioned earlier, this list is subjective. If you disagree with this list please mention your list in the comments section below! However, if you do agree with this list, don’t forget to mention your favourite civilization out of all of these!
Great list!

Once upon a time, it was that the Teutons were the most brutal siege civilization for the Crenelations ability giving Castles +3 distance. You'd park your castle right up next to enemy camps and stage nasty raids, retreating to the castle. The Portuguese might seem at first glance to also be decent siegers, but the Organ Gun is a deeply flawed unit at current.
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