Wobbly AIO Cooler Radiator fans

Sep 10, 2023
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I welcome you all to another thread of mine.

I use linux all the time.

First I had a darkflash AIO cooler. The fans started to wobble.
I got it replaced in warranty.
Same happened. Fan's started to wobble again.

Then I replaced the entire cooler. Got a silverston AIO.
Same thing. Two day's later, the fan's wobble.

Now I think linux is responsible to it. People say thet have not faced any such issue before on windows. I get it, to an extent. I have a question. Then what do people who use linux do? Don't they face such issues?

Need advice.
Almost definitely not, it would be very unusual for OS to cause hardware issues,

I'll go you one further, Its actually impossible for an operating system to cause fans to physically wobble.

OP may be describing some sort of issue with the fan curve, certain fans at certain RPMs can resonate and make a vibrating sound? Setting a constant fan curve in BIOS might be able to avoid the issue.
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fan wobble can be caused by the ball bearings in the fans. I agree its unlikely that Linux is cause, unless you run any fan control software in it. Something like https://www.baeldung.com/linux/control-fan-speed

Silverstone have been known to make good fans before. So odd if both fans on an AIO start doing it at same time... https://www.silverstonetek.com/en/product/coolers/?page=2&filter=Liquid_cooling&sort=Newsest as the chances of both fans dying at same time are pretty small. Would make me look for another cause.

are you sure its these fans and not another in case that you haven't replaced yet, that is causing noise? or can you see them wobble?

I would have got one from these people as they are coolest at moment and also have good quiet fans - https://www.arctic.de/en/products/cooling/cpu-cooler/cpu-water-cooler/