Question New PC randomly 'turning off' but then wont power back on correctly.

Sep 4, 2021
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Recently built a new rig as I'm moving for university. The specs are:

MOBO: X570 I Aorus pro wifi
CPU: ryzen 5 5600x
CPU cooler: Kraken X63 (replaced fans with noctua NF-A14s)
RAM: Crucial Ballistix 3600mhz (2x8gb)
GPU: GTX 1050 TI (i know its odd but built using old GPU as i want to still use my current pc before moving, will then transfer current GPU)
SSD: Crucial P5 1TB
PSU: Corsair SF750
Chassis: SSUPD meshlicious
OS: Windows 10 64bit

I built the rig about 1-2 months ago, installed windows and set up all the basics with everything going smoothly so I was chuffed. Then left to sit until a week ago, the issues started few days ago. My PC randomly shut down over night while i left it installing games. I thought the PC had just gone to sleep but it turns out the system was still 'on'. AIO still all on, power button lit up, MOBO lights on and GPU fan spinning but nothing showing on monitor. I then tried to turn it off using the power button but nothing was happening. After a few attempts of using the power button i resorted to the PSU power switch, thinking it was just a hard crash or something. Turned off just fine so I tried turning it on again. Turned on fine with no issues and also was able to turn off using the power button. Left on and tried to install games over night again, but the same thing happened. The PC is basically unusable now due to it randomly turning 'off', but all the components, lights and fans remain on. I haven't tried to troubleshoot much as i have no clue what the issue is here as well as the random shut downs limiting what i can do (I've tried to do a clean install of windows and everything but cant even do that without the turning off). This is only my 3rd build so I'm inexperienced.
Sep 25, 2021
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It seems like your pc is going to sleep. This is a feature that can be disabled in the Windows 10 control panel.

Type "control panel" in the windows 10 search bar located next to the windows 10 start button. Select control panel, then select "system and security", then select "power options", then on the left-hand side there will be a menu and the last option on that menu is "change when the computer sleeps", select that option. Now you can set your computer to never sleep.

Normally when a pc is put to sleep, pressing the power button will wake the pc but sometimes there might be a conflicting driver that won't allow your pc to wake from sleep. To update your drivers visit the respective website of each of your hardware components to download the latest drivers.

I hope this helps.


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