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Mar 15, 2022
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So i just got my first gaming pc not long ago and run into some issues but has been resolved. I have a xbox one headset (wired) that i use on my xbox one.

When i plug it into my desktop i can choose to have input, headset, or chat option but when i try to play on pc with them i can’t get both the game volume and chat into headphones at same time. I tried input and output but only monitor shows up and monitor volume sucks badly.

I don’t think these headphones have a input option. So my next step is buying wireless bluetooth headset for it but i want them to have option of being able to listen to game volume and chat with friends without having it come through monitor. Is there anything i should look for in headsets for this option?

And with my xbox headset when i chat with friends the volume not very loud and say i sound like a robot.
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