Windows 10 updates?

I just wondered if any of you had noticed something weird with W10 updates.

On the last few occasions I get notification that an update is required. I press the button, but it gets stuck on that page that says 'Windows is updating your system, DO NOT TURN OFF YOU COMPUTER'.

So I wait maybe 15 minutes but nothing happens.
So I turn off my computer and restart(living dangerously). It restarts as normal and tells me it's installing the update.

Any ideas? I have got W10 on a USB stick so I'm wondering if I should reinstall completely
I'm not on laptop, but my desktop W10 updates have been flawless for many years.

living dangerously
Given your situation, I strongly advise making an image of your system disk—guide in my sig below.

restarts as normal and tells me it's installing the update
Does it install the update properly after the restart?

update … gets stuck
I've seen plenty of anecdotes where the Windows Update program itself goes bad and needs fixing—that's my first guess for your problem. Have a look at these:

Thanks. This is on my desktop, but wasn't sure where to post.

I'll run through those tomorrow. There's obviously something going on. It did install after I switched it back on.

I remember a guy(on Hexus) saying that every year or so he would do a reinstall of Windows.

And I find that I learn a lot from sorting out problems.
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windows update can get stuck, if its at the 30% and not restarted, look at the hdd activity light on PC and make sure its not active, as I have had one just stop at 0% before as it was making fundamental changes and it took a few minutes to get off 0%, If its not active, just try a restart and if you lucky, it does what it did for you.

try running these 2 commands
right click start button

choose powershell (admin)

copy/paste this command into window:

Repair-WindowsImage -Online -RestoreHealth

and press enter

Then type SFC /scannow

and press enter

Restart PC if SFC fixes any files as some fixes require a restart to be implemented

First command repairs the files SFC uses to clean files, and SFC fixes system files

SFC = System File Checker. First command runs DISM -

they just fix windows

which version of win 10
  1. right click start
  2. choose run...
  3. type winver and press enter
  4. current version is 22H2

If you ever get stuck, easier to repair install if you can get into windows than clean install (you can't do this if you not on newest versions of 10... well, you can but it requires same ISO as what is installed.

I haven't clean installed to fix windows in um... over 7 years. I have clean installed in that time to fix other things but windows is pretty good now. Installing windows on a new PC doesn't count as a reinstall really.

And I find that I learn a lot from sorting out problems.
I learned a lot working out other peoples problems, added bonus is they not mine so I don't have to live with my failures. I try not to leave people with a mess though.
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Thanks Colif. I have run through many of these sorts of checks before, for different problems. But only keep a certain amount in my mind that's relevant at a time. You've obviously retained it.

Corrupt files seems to have been the problem.
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The build of a pc can also determine how long it takes for updates to sort themselves out , my games rig is super fast but when i do same updates on my spare budget priced pc they takes ages to the point where i sometimes think its crashed especially when your at the do not turn off stage.

If you have any problems with windows updates take a look at this website.

Microsoft Update Catalog

So this is how it works , imagine you are doing the check for updates in the usual way and things go wrong , write down details of the update and put it into the search box ..... example kb12345 .....

You will be given a list of all the different versions of what you are looking for then it is up to you to make sure you download the correct version for your individual pc or laptop.
I have a word document full of fixes for other people's problems and haven't really done most of them myself but I know that they work.
Downside is that I can't really use them when I am on my phone so I just don't try to help on the days I can't use my pc.
I've only got this PC so if there is a major problem it's hard to find solutions. I imagine many people who read or post on here enjoy gaming and talking about gaming, but it's also turning out to be a useful resource for finding fixes. Usually I can find most solutions and I did try various combinations of words around 'W10 update page freezes, etc'.

I remember you @mjs warlord gave me a lead on that error code I was getting. I just thought it was so obscure, but the fix worked.

There's just so much to keep in mind these days. I've got the complete mechanical structure of an old Italian motorcycle and how to fix it, all the PC stuff, how to transfer sound files from a Tascam to a Sony walkman most days, all the in game stuff; controls and character's weapons and traits + same for enemies, keeping track of at least four lithion-ion battery(30-80%charge) set ups, bank ins and out, etc, etc. It's like running a business!
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Here isn't only place I answer or I wouldn't need a word file.
I have almost 60k posts on here - once you answered that many you start to see patterns in what will be asked, and what is useful to have a copy of as there is only so many times you can type the same thing out. I think I have most of them now. I have some I rarely use but are so long its nice not to have to type out again.
After that many you realise most people don't know what Google search is supposed to be there for... finding things. It used to be better than it is, now I just think of it as trying to sell me something every time I use it. But if people knew what to search for, most of my answers wouldn't be needed. Now days it feels like their ability to search has become worse to point they can't even find me to ask their questions. People come and ask questions and I search for the important parts on Google and most of time can find an answer.
I am almost a reference librarian as like a library, hardest part is knowing what to look for. Too bad actual library database search engines just show how dumbed down Google search really is.
Google … used to be better than it is, now I just think of it as trying to sell me something
Agreed. I think the deterioration started over 15 years ago , soon after G went public in 2004. When a company goes public, the focus changes from what built it to that point—eg in G's case, excellent search—to playing the money game. Public companies are required by law to maximize shareholder value, so they have no choice.

how dumbed down Google search really is
Google is generally a very smart company, so it's very likely that over time they've tailored their search product to their growing and changing audience. This is after all much of the same audience which built FB, Twitter etc to be where they are.
FB - stocks down 70% this year, lost 600 billion since February, fired 11000 staff last week.
Twitter - loses 4 million a day, half its staff fired in the last 2 weeks, currently in a shaky position. Not like its owner is poor or anything though.

Thats totally who I want to be compared against :)

Google lucky their audience isn't dying out (FB) or the people who think Twitter is worth using
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Yes I usually find about ten different solutions to a problem so try to go with Microsoft ones or similar reputable. It's often down to getting the right words in order of importance when searching. Sometimes it is easier to ask someone, a reference librarian who knows where to look.

With a few ad blockers I've never seen any adverts online.

Yes it is fascinating watching what's happeing with some of these major tech and social media companies.

Some start from a simple idea(irony: MZ rating students attractiveness) and rise meteorically like FB. Some just seem to get it right at the time like Google and outstrip the competitors. Some then go out of fashion or like FB people realise how much of their data is being collected and analysed, sold on. I haven't looked into that since the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

I respect Elon Musk's work with Tesla, Spacex, Neuralink and AI, but not really sure that his Twitter acquisition was anything more than a rich man's whim and possibly folly. Powerful people often try to consolidate. Last century it was media barons dictating public opinions and influencing politics.

Unfortuantely he's been moving people from those other important projects to try to make something new out of Twitter. What that will be, or whether it goes out of fashion, I suppose we'll see.

People online seem to move and take flight like a flock of blue birds!
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Microsoft are the last people I would ask. Forums is 1st layer help, they there to field the easy questions but might not know the truth about some things. Better to ask on some other forums. I rarely use MS forums as a source, it can happen. For about a year after win 10 release, their answer to almost every question was reinstall windows.

Elon has plans to make twitter more than what it is now. Lets see if he manages to do it. Lots of people want him to fail now, its a case of "if we can't have it, no one will". He not only billionaire controlling the message. He isn't the first, that is for sure.

I don't use it, my ideal solution is close it. I wouldn't miss it. It would be funny to watch all its users try to find a new home. Its entertaining as it is.
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