Strange continual windows reboot

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Oct 1, 2021
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Hope Someone can help here ... I have been given a PC to look at as Windows is continually looping / restarting.

I have been told that my client bought a new (used) Motherboard and RAM because his original MB would only take 8Gb of RAM and he was "bottlenecking".

He did the replacement / upgrade himself but after finishing "Windows just looped" ... I thought this would be a simple reinstall of Windows from a USB and that would be that ... I tend to forget that this is Microsoft sometimes !!!

So, he has bought an old Asus P7H55-M motherboard and 2 8Gb DDR3 sticks of RAM ... he's put it all together using his original case and 2 SSDs but Windows will not boot. It just loops.

I have swapped the RAM in and out using 1 or both in all 4 slots, it makes no difference.

I have unplugged everything and re-thermaled the CPU in case it was closing due to overheating, re-plugged in everything, and gone again, it's made no difference at all.

There are a few strange things going on ... both of the SSDs are recognised in the (very old) BIOS, but when I boot it up, the ASUS BIOS (AMI v02.61) says "Loading ASUS Express Gate", then it shows the BIOS screen with an option to press DEL to enter, if I do that it then displays "Scan devices, please wait" and then goes into the BIOS ... if I don't do that and just let it run, it displays "Scan devices, please wait" and re-displays the BIOS screen with an option to press DEL ... then it shuts down and reboots.

If I have no Windows USB drive in, it now says "No any device exists" (sic), displays the BIOS screen and shuts down & restarts.

If I put a Windows 10 USB drive in, it goes through this full cycle again, and shuts down & restarts.

If I put a Windows 7 USB drive in, it tries to run the Automatic repair, but never does anything, it shuts down and restarts !!!

The PSU is a massive 950 watt and the GPU is a GEFORCE GTX 980Ti

I know this is really old technology, but he just wants his PC to run, he says he's not a big gamer, but the GPU seems (well, historically) pretty powerful for someone who's not, I just find this really weird that the PC shuts down every time it gets to the point that it recognises Windows !!!

Any ideas ?!?!?
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