Question Will a 11900K bottleneck a 4080?

Jun 5, 2023
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Hi, I know that the 4090 is GPU where you need the best CPU to run it. I have Z490 chipset with a 11900K and I really don't know if my 11900K might accidentally bottleneck the RTX 4080 at 1440p, I am worried.
I want to stay with 2560x1440.
About the 4090 I know that the bottleneck is here, I am 100% certain about this but about the 4080?
I don't think my 11900K and RTX 4080 will be a good combo at 1440p.
You can't avoid bottlenecks. Replace one and another part of hardware will become the bottleneck.

I would just buy GPU and see how you go :)

I don't think there is a CPU in existence that doesn't bottleneck the 4090. I suspect my 3600xt might bottleneck my 7900xt (actually, I know it does) but I can't afford top line Intel just to get more frames. I can still get over 150 fps at 1440p which is all I need.

It seems my average frame rate in D4 is 72.5 which is mainly caused by loading screens and map running at 30fps. Rest of game is 144
Hi. I'd happily run a 4080 with an 11900K at 2560x1440 tbh. The bottleneck is always either on CPU or GPU, but if youre hitting 150+ FPS anyway, who cares which is limiting you?

On the chart here across TPU's test suite the 11900K with an RTX 4090 gets an average of 166 FPS. If 166 FPS isn't enough for you, you must be playing Esports games, and if youre playing Esports games you only need a potato CPU/GPU anyway.

If you have money for a 4080, just get one.
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