Question 4080 - regret buy?

Feb 6, 2024
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Hello, everyone! Should I regret buying the RTX 4080 instead of the 4090? I've had the RTX 4080 since July 2023. I play at 1440p monitor at 165hz. But when I compare it at 4K resolution, there's already a 30% jump. Is that 30% significant enough to regret buying the 4080? Assuming the 30% increase is accurate. Is it so huge difference ? Otherwise, my setup is pretty normal: 7800x3d, RTX 4080, G.SKILL 64GB DDR5 CL30 6000mhz, MSI B650 TomaHawk, MSI 850AG 850W, H150i Capellix XT, Lian Li 216 RGB case.

Thank you all for comments.
If you only have a 1440p monitor, then getting a 4090 would be overkill. If you have no intention of getting a new monitor as well, the difference really doesn't matter.

Have you enjoyed using the card? I generally stop looking at comparisons after I have a card as eventually something will beat it. 4090 always did but its price is just stupid now. I would suggest the 4080 Super but you really don't gain anything.

I have a 7900XT, it pretty much matches my 1440p screen that runs at 144hz. If I were to have bought a 7900XTX I may have thought about 4k again (I have had it before) but as windows scales the desktop to 150% if you use a 4k monitor, you would only notice in games. Scaling introduces its own problems with programs that want to run at native, they look really small on 4k.
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