which is more fun watching video games live or playing?

Jun 25, 2023
I mostly enjoy watching talented gamers live then I started thinking about playing video games. I would like some recomendation on the best video games.
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I like watching people play new games that I’m interested in or games I don’t think I will buy for a while, especially big AAA games that take years for it to drop down in price.

Overall playing them is more fun. I enjoy video games the most of any entertainment media because I am actively engaged and participating in the world behind the screen. Watching a movie or reading a book doesn’t put you inside their worlds quite like video games do.
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Jun 27, 2023
I enjoy watching video games that I don't have the time to invest in. Such as competitive FPS and most MMO-RPG's.

I think it's quite interesting to watch professional players on FPS, just to see how they react to situations and see what differences there is, from a tactical aspect.


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