What the heck with OneDrive?

So during my clean install, it asked me if I wanted to install OneDrive. For some reason I said 'yes' and now my documents, pictures and desktop are not being stored on my computer anymore? This is completely ignorant. Of course, they are asking me for money now because there was too much in my 'Document' folder. There are a lot of game saves in that folder. And it's telling me that if I delete something off of OneDrive that it will be deleted on my devices, as well, so now I have to move everything off to an external drive before I uninstall OneDrive. What the heck.
You can unlink the folders from Onedrive - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us...onedrive-f32a17ce-3336-40fe-9c38-6efb09f944b0 and it shouldn't delete anything after.

The location of all the files is actually in a folder on C called Onedrive. SO you could copy any now.

You could change the default location of All library folders back to where they should be by -

Move the location of library folders to default and check if that helps. Refer to these steps:
  1. Go to file/folder explorer.
  2. Right click on folder and then click on Properties.
  3. Click on Location tab.
  4. Click on Restore Default.
  5. Save the changes by clicking on Apply and Ok.
library folders = documents, pictures, videos, music.
I already had 1tb of space with them from Office so when at some stage it randomly decided to put all my files on onedrive instead of in the library folders where I expected them, it wasn't a big problem. Just meant I have all my music on Onedrive now. Made putting all my files on this PC way easier.
I've never bothered with OneDrive, just another of the many features MS tries to force feed you IMO.

Honestly, it just gets to the point where it feels like MS is some pushy interior decorator telling me how to arrange my furniture without asking them. My answer is "If you don't like it, there's the door pal!"


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We use One Drive at work. I think the big plus side is free backups. Getting everyone at work to back up their Documents folders would be practically impossible but, by doing this, Microsoft takes care of it all.

For home use, though, for a competent user that knows what "files" and "folders" are, it's better to do it manually.


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