what new game was you looking forward to but was disappointed in.

For many years i played the first guildwars game , then the makers started releasing screenshots of guildwars2 as tasters , it was many years late in release because they said we wont let you have it until we feel its ready.

It duly arrived on our pc's and i must say i was very disappointed , the character figures to my mind at least looked too cartoony , their are a lot of multiplayer games that have characters with what i call a cartoony look about them , they may appeal to youngsters but when you are of a certain age you would not want your adult pals seeing you use them.

So ..... what games were you disappointed with when you got them... i now look at clips of all games on youtube before i buy them just to see what they look like.
I was really, really looking forward to Planet Coaster a few years ago. Pre-ordered it, watched all the developer videos and everything. So naturally I launched it as soon as I could, played about 2 hours, and then never played it again.

I'm visual impaired (which means I'm hard to look at) and the icons for building pieces were just far too small for me to see. I've thought about reinstalling and using my magnifying lens. But I was just so disappointed at the time that I gave up and didn't go back.
yes, plenty. i could name a few.

Yeah, Guild wars 2 was a real disappointment when i had a weekend trial of the game back in the day. i played it for 2 days and i found that it was utterly boring. it probably put me off MMORPGs entirely because of it. Crushing disappointment especially when it was contender for online sink at the time and positive reviews and it didn't interest me.

metal gear solid 2 substance. Ok, i got it for the PC but i played it with a joypad and frankly i thought it was overhyped trash. Terrible story, uninspiring gameplay and flawed game mechanics put me off and i was glad the game wasn't long. Why i even decided to buy MGS V i have no idea maybe it was the cheap deal.

Valkyria chronicles. Strangely i've got VC2, VC3 and even VC4 so it must have left a positive impression. That said i felt that it was flawed. The strategic element was far too basic and the anime story just left me grinding my teeth in frustration and embarrassment to play it. Far too saturday morning cartoon rather then impressive story in futility of war. I was so hacked off that i even started doing concept mock ups for my own squad of imperials. Didn't get too far as my idea just didn't make sense or too flawed.

Steins;gate after watching the anime i was eager to have a look at the VN as everyone said it was superior. i disagree. After playing the VN its made me appreciate the Anime a hell of a lot more. Granted steins;gate elite probably is the superior package and combines the best of both worlds. But i haven't played it so i'm going with the decision that its also crap. Want to prove me wrong? please provide me a steam key and i'll play it.... No this is not a scheme to get a free game....

Zero Time Dilemma - I found the first 2 games cracking fun with some good twists and turns even if it was bit flawed in places. But the concluding story? a crushing disappointment. The new visuals whilst technically better, it lost a lot of character and looked terrible. Too often i found myself laughing at their slack jawed expressions. Speaking of technical aspects the note pad feature was terrible, the virtues last Reward was good, why did they change it? But what really killed it for me was the bloody awful story. It had one or two plot twists, but on the whole the story by the end of it was just stupid and an absolute cop out. I would LOVE to tell you why, but its far too spoiler heavy and to add insult to injury? it ends on a cliff hanger and there is just epilogue text to summarize briefly what happened to each character. AVOID!

I could go on, but we could be here for a while...
Command & Conquer 4 was a letdown after otherwise excellent games all thru the franchise. It just departed too much from what C&C was.

Far Cry 2 was an annoying slog after the original introduced the joys of open world play. FC2 tried to be too realistic with elements like disease and rapid weapon degradation, as well as tedious map traversal and endless respawning of enemies in cleared locations. Just not fun.

Crysis 2 also departed from the originals, ditching the open world to make it playable on consoles. While it still looked fabulous, the repetitive close-quarters combat and lack of tactical choice made it too boring to play for long.

Civilization 5 made it very difficult to build a wide empire, which was my thing in Civ4. This meant there was less reason to play thru the middle and late game, so… why bother? It was significantly improved in the 2 expansions, but the horse had left the stable by then.

Half Life 3 because it never happened! Did you catch your breath when you saw the heading? :D
Spore: because EA hyped it into something impossible at the the time. I believed the stories told... it was one of last times I believed Hype.

I was completely swept up in the Spore hype. I watched every feature video, every trailer, read every interview, I consumed every piece of information they put out. I spent quite a few hours with the creature creator demo making various designs and imagining the things I could do once the game was released.

My brother bought the game for me for my birthday because he knew how excited I was to play it, which was quite a lot of money for him to spend on a gift all by himself. After impatiently waiting for the game to install, I was so excited to see the entire galaxy laid out before me. Then when I started playing, cell stage was pretty close to what I expected. Maybe a bit less complex than what I hoped, but pretty good. Then I got to the creature phase and discovered everything I had been promised was a lie.

There was no strategy in what body parts you bought, let alone where you placed them. In fact, there was pretty much no strategy at all, the entire thing felt like the gameplay of a bad MMO, just pressing some number keys until you won. The tribe gameplay wasn't much better, but at least it didn't drag on for as long as the civilization phase after that. Then when I finally got to the galaxy phase, I discovered you couldn't really do anything besides conquering planets and then defending them from enemy/pirate attacks every 10 minutes.

I might have sworn off on buying games altogether if it wasn't for Assassin's Creed, which I got at the same time and which I absolutely loved despite its flaws.
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Two games for me, both from publishers that I trusted to make a great game, based on games they made that I had previously bought, played, and loved.

Cyberpunk 2077 (CD Projekt Red): I was one of the millions of gamers who bought into all the hype and promo videos. It was being made by the developers of the Witcher 3 and it's great DLC, so I felt that CP2077 had to be great; a new interactive world to explore, npc's and companions with great personalities and side quests, and a long complex main story line.

What we got was a game with so many broken parts it shouldn't even have been considered a beta version; and definitely shouldn't have been released. Now, I haven't actually played it yet, but after installing the 60+gb of data, I peaked at a couple reviews and gameplay videos. It's not something I usually do (and I already talked about this in another post so I won't go into detail), and while I do consider that to be a stupid action on my part, it did probably save me a lot of frustration. While I have every intention of playing it at some point, maybe when it's actually finished (if ever), it won't be until at least until the later part of 2022 at the earliest.

The Outer Worlds (Obsidian): This wasn't a bad game. There were parts that I enjoyed, it was stable, ran well, looked good, and had relatively few bugs. But I can sum up my experience in one word: shallow. This was an RPG made by Obsidian, who created the great Fallout New Vegas and the Pillars of Eternity games, so I felt that it was going to be great. But it was well short of greatness, and I was extremely disappointed.

Reading & watching previews, it seemed like Obsidian had created this new universe, and a game that was kind of a blend of Fallout New Vegas and Mass Effect. And I think it could have been great, which was probably the biggest part of my disappointment: knowing what it "could have been".

The story, side quests, npc & companion personalities and interactions were just not fleshed out enough, or in depth enough. Combat was simplistic with very little challenge. The combat AI of companions was basically non-existent; they just bull-rushed enemies regardless of what weapons they used. There was no strategy involved, and no viable way to control companions or their actions.

I think the extent of the shallowness hit me at a certain point when I was out exploring with 2 of my companions. They were having a conversation between themselves, I turned around to watch, and they're standing there like mannequins, with absolutely no expression, looking straight ahead at me; all the while talking to each other. Where's the immersion in that? As old as FONV is, the companions in that game were far more complex than what Obsidian created in TOW.

The one thing that I learned from these experiences, is to hesitate when either CDPR or Obsidian release a new game. I won't make a blind purchase from them now, that trust level has diminished. I still like those developers, and will follow any games they're working on, but I'll wait for some reviews before making an actual purchase.
the biggest part of my disappointment: knowing what it "could have been"
Yes exactly, that's the real kernel of my main disappointments. They're all sequels, two of them #4 & #5 in their franchise.

C&C4 was the biggest disappointment, because as you say of what it could have been—or maybe more what it should have been. As the swansong to a venerable series, there was more than good gameplay expected and needed—and they didn't even deliver good gameplay, at least not of C&C standard.
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Valkyria chronicles. Strangely i've got VC2, VC3 and even VC4 so it must have left a positive impression. That said i felt that it was flawed. The strategic element was far too basic and the anime story just left me grinding my teeth in frustration and embarrassment to play it. Far too saturday morning cartoon rather then impressive story in futility of war. I was so hacked off that i even started doing concept mock ups for my own squad of imperials. Didn't get too far as my idea just didn't make sense or too flawed.
Yeah, the story for Valkyria Chronicles was not at all good. I called it "Leave it to Beaver goes to war." It was like it was trying to make Word War 2 safe for a five year old. They tossed in plenty of advice, like how you should eat your vegetables, too. But the tactics you had to use weren't easy at all! That game got hard, especially in the DLC! I guess they were making the game so a parent can play it while their little kids watch? (I don't remember a strategic element at all.)

I'll put Sword of the Stars 2 out there. I loved (and still love!) the first game, so I was really looking forward to the second. I was right there on Steam, posting with the other fans all hyped for it to show up. Then it showed up - and it was completely awful, with many main menu items not even working. Oh wait, they accidentally released the beta! A few hours later, the real one was released - and it was just as awful, but at least it disabled the main menu items that didn't work yet. Players that started playing the game found it impossible to get more than a few dozen turns in before the game save got mangled and you had to start over.

It was months (maybe a year?) before the game got to the point where you could reasonably expect to get to the end of a game. They released a DLC and, as an apology to the fans, made it free to everyone who already owned the game. That was somewhat busted, too, but they were making progress on it. Then Paradox suddenly pulled the plug on the whole thing. All development ceased and the developers moved on to make a rogue-like game. The end result is fun enough to play, but I wonder what could have been if they had been allowed to finish.

When it released, though? Most disappointing. Even worse than Anarchy Now. Probably worse than Underworld Ascendant (though it ended up in a better place than that game).
Final Fantasy XV

When the demo first released on Steam, i was kind of amazed that it actually ran well after almost half a decade of bad ports from Square-Enix that players had no choice but to defend. However, when you fast forward to the actual game's release, it became very apparent that the game has really bad issues with frame pacing and i think part of it had to do with memory leakage. I also love how it took Square-Enix an Epic Games Store exclusivity deal for them to actually figure out how to make a good PC port, though that took three years (and some change) after that game's release.
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Nov 15, 2020
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Wolfenstein Youngblood really disappointed me. Machine Games were on such a roll with the first three games of the reboot and then God knows what possessed them to go in the co-op/grind direction with Youngblood. I was so amped about the alternate reality N*zi dystopia version of the eighties too.

Project Cars 3 took a franchise that did racing simulations really well and tried to be an arcade game. it was neither and flopped badly and I was disappointed.

Battlefield 2042 (beta) just felt too big and not as much fun as BF1 and BFV.
Outriders- This game is my most recent disappoint as a new game that i bought 2 copies of (1 for wife and i). It had a good story albeit A LOT of bugs and bad servers. But the end game was small and flat and the laundry list of bugs and server issues marred this whole experience for me. Its been out since April and still has some major issues. Plus, outside of the campaign, there is not much to do. The endgame content "expeditions" are boring, repetitive and have these super annoying time limits you have to achieve in order to get good gear, which is kinda impossible if you have bad servers to deal with. Just a complete disappointment all around. The game has good looking gear, guns and a concept but its just poorly executed and there is no update on new content although an announcement of that wont bring me back because of my bad experience.


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