What is your Favourite PC Game?

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What is your fav PC game?

  • Minecraft

    Votes: 25 11.0%
  • Fortnite

    Votes: 120 52.9%
  • CS:GO

    Votes: 14 6.2%
  • Starfield

    Votes: 3 1.3%
  • Baldurs Gate 3

    Votes: 4 1.8%
  • GTA

    Votes: 28 12.3%
  • Diablo

    Votes: 8 3.5%
  • something else - please explain below

    Votes: 25 11.0%

  • Total voters
Sep 10, 2023
Their is no such thing as a best game because what you think is good somebody else will think is rubbish.
You need to say what type of games you like such as fighting , simulation or puzzle etc.
When you decide what type of game you want to use the first thing you must do is find out is your pc can run it and you can do that by typing ..... what is required spec for ( game name )
my pc parameters is
gtx 1650
i5 7400H
24 GB Ram
Monitor 27" 60 fps FullHD
My favorite game is Call of Duty, I like that type of games,

Thank you for your answer )
Sep 28, 2023
I absolutely love playing Teamfight Tactics, the tactical and strategic gameplay, combined with the intense battles and ever-changing meta, keeps me hooked and entertained for hours on end. And now I am focusing on a Twitcher's live , I learn more through his live about this game.
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Of what's on that list definitely Starfield. It's the only game I've been playing lately. I DO have some nit picks about it though, the biggest one being the Ship Builder, which is very finicky I find and hard to use. It's so bad IMO it's keeping me from leveling my Starship Design skill, without which you cannot even add shielded cargo space to smuggle contraband. I'm seriously thinking I may have to just go with stock ships because of this. That's a HUGE negative for me because I enjoyed using the Workshop a lot in FO 4.
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Sep 16, 2023
For me the best game for relaxation is Euro Trek Simulator, where you need to transport cargo by truck, it has gorgeous maps of almost all the meri, riding on the truck you can still and explore different countries. Someone else rides there? We can ride together.
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Oct 16, 2023
Grand Theft Auto 5's world is expansive, detailed, and filled with chatty NPCs. But frankly, . I want to know what makes them tick. I want to get hands-on with their soul.
Oct 24, 2023
One of my favorite games is Mega Man, unfortunately I very rarely meet people who also like it, but I hope there is someone here with similar interests. I also like Horizon Zero Dawn, it seems to be more popular, has anyone heard of it?
Sep 16, 2023
I think this is the first time I have seen the topic of robots on this forum. Maybe we can create a separate topic? I think this will be interesting


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