What is your Favourite PC Game?

What is your fav PC game?

  • Minecraft

    Votes: 33 11.8%
  • Fortnite

    Votes: 139 49.6%
  • CS:GO

    Votes: 18 6.4%
  • Starfield

    Votes: 4 1.4%
  • Baldurs Gate 3

    Votes: 5 1.8%
  • GTA

    Votes: 35 12.5%
  • Diablo

    Votes: 10 3.6%
  • something else - please explain below

    Votes: 36 12.9%

  • Total voters
Simple Question, what is your Fav PC Game? It doesn't have to be of all time, as I totally get people change, but what is it right now?
Mine is probably Sacred 2, i played it on and off full time for about 3 years.

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Note 2: Only PC Games are acceptable choices

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(Maybe the title should be "What is your favorite PC game?" then?)

Single player: Egosoft's X4: Foundations has taken over from X3. If the game was any deeper, they would have to offer on-line classes to teach you how to play. Graphics aren't the best (particularly with character animations) but they are still plenty satisfying. You can build big stations, you can dogfight, you can lead major assaults (though the AI has some issues there), you can trade goods.... there's just so much to do!

MMO: City of Heroes/Villains. Graphics are getting terribly old now but the game's sidekick and mentoring systems along with instanced missions make it easy for people in your team to join in with whatever character they want. They can usually leave, too, without making it impossible for those that remain. No worries about keeping everyone's level close. No worries about what you're supposed to do if "the healer guy" is an hour late. Just lots of good fun with friends.
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(I really want to have a separate category for MMO's because the point of those games is so different. At least for me, single player games are there to entertain you while MMO's are there to help players entertain each other.)
Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword

Despite strong competition from other strong contenders, if you told me I could only have one game for the next year, Civ4 BtS would be it. It's not that it's a superb game—thankfully there are plenty of those—it's that it has these extras:

World & Maps

Open World—make the map as big as you like, up to full Earth if you wish. My fav part of Civ4 is the first half, where you're discovering the map layout, resources and other [AI or human] players—all necessary before you can finalize your strategic path to victory. If you're shy, try an Islands map; bloodthirsty, then a crowded Pangea will provide grist for your mill axeman.

Never the same game—the map is generated anew every new game. If that sounds good, leave the Map settings on Random—are you on an arid tiny map with one opponent, or a huge multi-continent jungle-heavy layout with 12 opponents? Leave opponents on Random too, so you have no idea what Leaders—and therefore, probable opposing strategies—you're facing each time.


Great mods—there are tons of mods, broadly split between the majority which modify gameplay and those which provide QoL improvements without changing play. The one I use is the QoL BAT/BULL modpack which combines a bunch of UI enhancement mods.

Some mods change the game completely to an unrecognizable degree. If you like Civ4 but never ventured into mods, give it another shot with one of these:
Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization—many players' favorite.
Fall From Heaven II—the other candidate for everyone's favorite, fantasy based.
Dune Wars—yep, Frank Herbert's Dune!
Fallout: Tame The Wastes—Fallout fans, this one's for you.
Caveman2Cosmos—maybe the biggest modpack of all.
Realism: Invictus—or is this the biggest?
Star Trek—guess what…
Planetfall—for fans of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri.

ETA: I also play with the 'Full of Resources' user-made map which allows for a lot of fine-tuning resource levels—I usually bump the default up by a simple percentage, 20-25% is good, to speed up the early population growth & economic development.


Select Custom Game and you can modify so many things in-game. World size, map type, number of opponents, specify your & opposing leaders, eliminate some gameplay elements like Espionage & tech trading, speed/length of game, victory conditions, difficulty level, and on and on. Example: there are 9 difficulty levels!

Are you a warmonger? Choose a map type, number of opponents and victory conditions to suit. If you're the opposite, turn on the Always Peace option and seek to win via economic or scientific or cultural or diplomatic means.

It truly is nuts how much you can customize the game—and that's all before delving into the mods!


If you haven't played before, make sure you get a Complete version—you want the BtS expansion, which put the icing on this great cake.
The Complete versions of Civ5 and Civ6 are also great games, and many prefer one of them—so look into the differences before you make a choice. You can get 4 & 5 quite cheaply these days in sales.

If you want to read a lot about the games, strategies etc, or just want newbie help and advice, visit the CivFanatics forums—they are a superb resource for all the Civ games.
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My favorite game is a tie among Fortnite, Pubg and Minecraft.


My favorite game--which comes as a shock to me--is Farming Simulator 19. You can't believe how hyped I am for FS22 coming later this year. I've got over 600 hours on 19. I've got over 700 mods running on it and have played on 20-something different maps. It's ridiculously relaxing for me. Until, that is, I reach the point in every map when I think, "You know, I should raise some animals." Then it becomes kind of a nightmare and I start looking for new maps and mods. :)