What is your Favourite PC Game?

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What is your fav PC game?

  • Minecraft

    Votes: 34 11.9%
  • Fortnite

    Votes: 139 48.6%
  • CS:GO

    Votes: 19 6.6%
  • Starfield

    Votes: 4 1.4%
  • Baldurs Gate 3

    Votes: 5 1.7%
  • GTA

    Votes: 37 12.9%
  • Diablo

    Votes: 11 3.8%
  • something else - please explain below

    Votes: 37 12.9%

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Oct 31, 2023
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Simple Question, what is your Fav PC Game? It doesn't have to be of all time, as I totally get people change, but what is it right now?
Mine is probably Sacred 2, i played it on and off full time for about 3 years.

if your game is listed above, simply vote for it. No need to comment

Note: Only post a reply if your choice is not listed above
Note 2: Only PC Games are acceptable choices

If you post about a game already mentioned in the poll, your post will be removed.
And posts about anything other than your fav PC game will also be removed.
I like Cricket game
Oct 19, 2023
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I also play car racing games, but it has been at least 12 years since I last played GTA. Nowadays, I'm not into that era, and I'm currently enjoying the game Fast Car Simulator 2 and similar games.
Oct 23, 2023
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For some reason I want to say something else about Minecraft. This is a unique platform. A lot of chips and different servers. I remember the time when my friends and I played there. You definitely can't get bored of this game. And if you get bored, you can create your own server, if you have enough imagination, of course.
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For some reason I want to say something else about Minecraft. This is a unique platform. A lot of chips and different servers. I remember the time when my friends and I played there. You definitely can't get bored of this game. And if you get bored, you can create your own server, if you have enough imagination, of course.
if you had said that games name here about 3 years ago you would get so many likes it would be silly... now, not so much. The rain of likes came to an end when new users just didn't get access to that function right away. Some of us were rewarded simply by saying MIndcrap... damn, still can't seem to say games name right.
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Nov 26, 2023
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(Maybe the title should be "What is your favorite PC game?" then?)

Single player: Egosoft's X4: Foundations has taken over from X3. If the game was any deeper, they would have to offer on-line classes to teach you how to play. Graphics aren't the best (particularly with character animations) but they are still plenty satisfying. You can build big stations, you can dogfight, you can lead major assaults (though the AI has some issues there), you can trade goods.... there's just so much to do!

MMO: City of Heroes/Villains. Graphics are getting terribly old now but the game's sidekick and mentoring systems along with instanced missions make it easy for people in your team to join in with whatever character they want. They can usually leave, too, without making it impossible for those that remain. No worries about keeping everyone's level close. No worries about what you're supposed to do if "the healer guy" is an hour late. Just lots of good fun with friends.
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(I really want to have a separate category for MMO's because the point of those games is so different. At least for me, single player games are there to entertain you while MMO's are there to help players entertain each other.)
I tried to play X4 but with a game manual almost as long as LOR and the fact I couldn't dock my ship I gave up. I really wanted to play this game but the frustration was too much
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I tried to play X4 but with a game manual almost as long as LOR and the fact I couldn't dock my ship I gave up. I really wanted to play this game but the frustration was too much
No need for the manual in X4, really. Just do the flight school start and watch for the tutorials to become active in the game. (I made a guide on all the starts available. Plug plug.)

Landing is a bit tricky at first, but you'll soon be able to afford auto-docking software. Then you just need to get sorta close and the automatics will take over. The second level auto-docker just has to get vaguely close, and speed doesn't even matter. I've flown headlong into a dock at high speed, clipped way into the station itself, and still the second level auto-dock pulled me out and set me safely on the landing pad!
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Lately I'm playing Atomic Heart, Sniper Elite 5, Dead Space Remake, The Callisto Protocol, and Jedi Survivor, all of which I got on the EA Play and Steam holiday sale.


Atomic Heart

Sort of like a steampunkish alternate timeline where the soviet union won WWII and leads the world in technology. There are many robots in the game, as well as horticulture projects to terraform the Moon and Mars.

Things go horribly wrong when a guy named Viktor Petrov sabotages the robots, which results in them attacking and killing humans, and even plant life attacking and mutating soldiers.

You play a guy named Sergey Alekseyevich Nechaev, whom is a Major in the military, and also goes by "Agent P-3". He is tasked by Dr Sechenov, whom is the genius behind the bulk of the technology, to find the culprit and bring him to justice.

There are various types of technology used in combat, such as shock, combat polymer, and canisters that can be attached to weapons that can impart environmental effects such as freeze and fire. You wear a glove, which can do everything from interact with robotic devices via it's tentacles that emerge from the palm, to emitting shock charges and spraying polymer. The polymer, especially when upgraded, can significantly effect the strength and duration of effects used. The glove also has telekinetic abilities, which can make looting very easy as it pulls items out of cabinets, desks, etc, and can even levitate and slam large groups of enemies when fully upgraded.

Sniper Elite 5

This is one of the better games in this great franchise, with very large and intricately crafted maps and missions. It takes place shortly after the events of SE4 in France. The graphics and effects in this one make it really stand out from prior installments. Not only is the detail very high, it has HDR too.

What I really like about this one is there are a LOT of little optional objectives that take a bit of work to do, as well as many ways to infiltrate. There are also many placements and types of troops. You also need to know what are good hiding spots for yourself and corpses, and take care to disable alarms, or kill enemies before they can sound them.

It has a light Hitman vibe now where you can hide 2 corpses in large bins that appear here and there, as well as key tools you can find that help open up routes, such as a crow bar, or bolt cutters. XP is given for hiding bodies in these bins, but they can sometimes be discovered in tall grass. Not all objectives show in your itinerary though, so you WILL have to explore to complete them all.

If you want to use suppressors on your long range rifles, you'll need to perform acts than net a good amount of XP repeatedly to unlock them. Not to worry though, if you prefer a more natural vs forced progression rate, you'll have access to suppressors on your shorter range weapons well before then. The game has a lot to it and I've replayed 2 missions so far just to get optional objectives I missed.

Dead Space Remake

It's no wonder why this one has been a big hit. It not only looks WAY better than the original, with some of the best looking HDR I've seen, it has also improved upon it in remade gameplay, which adds navigation puzzles, a TON of added free form zero G elements, and yet it takes away the frustrating wasted upgrade nodes the original had. It also does a fair job of adding suspense. Just when you think things are easy peasy, as there are SOME omitted combat scenes from the original, it tosses in enough scares to keep you honest during the many times you will need to backtrack. The backtracking doesn't feel repetitious either, as there are ways they change things via lighting, explosions, etc, to make it look and feel completely different. There are some segments now too where instead of a small walking area, you have a very large area you can navigate via free form zero G.

Speaking of HDR, it's really brilliant not only how it looks, but how it's implemented. The walls of the ship are now VERY detailed in their texture and what is contained in them. There's even ambient lighting placed within the upper parts of the walls. This means the lighting is such that the HDR really pops, yet things still stay dark enough to be atmospheric. Another way HDR is used is there are now large 3"-4" conduit pipes you can rip off walls to use as Kinesis weapons. The HDR comes into play via a bright ring of light around the end you hold, while the other end is jagged. That light makes them easy to locate on walls or where you drop them. These pipes are very deadly, even with no Kinesis upgrade, and can pin a Slasher to a wall dead in one shot.

The Callisto Protocol

I know this game has had some negative feedback, but I feel it was primarily due to it's condition on release. Since then they have done a great job on optimizing it and revamping the gameplay to where reloads and healing are not ridiculously slow anymore, and made dodging such that you only have to hold a key before you're hit, vs time it well. They also did some decent bug fixing, and after a LOT of gameplay I've yet to have ANY bugs.

The game is still plenty legit hard enough for those looking for a challenge though. Besides being able to choose between 3 levels of Min, Med, Max security, you as well have Hardcore and Contagion modes. And even though dodging, reloading and healing are easier now, you still have times where enemies can combo 3 hits instead of two, or attack while you're fighting another, both of which can be hard to predict.

Callisto is a prison moon of the planet Jupiter, where things have gone awry. Following a biological attack on the moon Europa by a terrorist group Outer Way, the protagonist's (Jacob's) ship is overrun by the terrorists, and crash lands back on Callisto, thwarting his intended last ferrying shipment before retirement. Jacob wakes up in a prison cell, but almost immediately after, the prison becomes overrun by "biophages", inmates afflicted with an unknown disease.

Part of what is cool and suspenseful about this one vs Dead Space is you have no objective markers, or any GPS nav route to use. So there are times you need to listen carefully to dialog and/or explore, to know which way to go. Also, instead of "Kinesis", you have a GRP Glove. This can be used not just to pick up and throw objects, but also enemies. The way it's different from Kinesis is instead of a 3 shot module, you have a battery pack. The pack will drain very quickly if used to pick up and throw enemies, much less quickly tossing small items at Parasites, a small type of leech-like creature.

The game has excellent graphics, all models, environments and lighting are highly detailed. It also has RT and HDR, and it's HDR can also be set to match the nits of your display in 200 nit increments. The game is also very atmospheric in it's environments and audio, there's no shortage of creep factor here.

Jedi Survivor

I saved this one for last because, while the gameplay is very good, and challenging, it's also hugely disappointing that even with the 1/11 update, part of which is said to have performance and stability improvements across all platforms, it's STILL a stuttering mess going into and coming out of cutscenes, which includes loading saves or respawning after death.

It's a shame too because the game on max settings looks and runs pretty well other than that, and has a ton of pretty good exploration and combat.

That's all I have to say about this game until they can fix it properly, but I fear that may never happen.
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Great write-up!

That's the one I'll be picking up sometime, maybe even this decade. Good to hear they've introduced more variation and strat/tac choices. Do you still need to 'hide' your shot sound via environmental noises?

Oh yes, there are still little generators here and there you can sabotage for sound masking, or booby trap for kills. I've used them both ways. There's also a "Rat Bomb" that looks like a rat, which is specifically for targets that hate rates and like to shoot them. LOL

BTW, the base game has 9 missions, but I got the 4 story mission DLCs piecemeal at a better price than going with both season passes. I just felt $30 for the base game and roughly $17 for the DLC missions wasn't bad, vs $55 to just get extra skins as well.
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May 23, 2020
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I know that COD and fortnite are massive online games and that people are mad about online gaming, but I really liked the medal of honour games on PC 20 years ago were really good, expensive but good


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