What is the best shooting game on PC?

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What is the best shooter on PC?

  • Fortnite

    Votes: 910 39.5%
  • PUBG

    Votes: 618 26.8%
  • Battlefield Game

    Votes: 85 3.7%
  • Valorant

    Votes: 102 4.4%
  • Call of Duty Game

    Votes: 369 16.0%
  • Far Cry

    Votes: 38 1.7%
  • Doom

    Votes: 28 1.2%
  • Something else - please post a reply

    Votes: 63 2.7%
  • CS:GO

    Votes: 90 3.9%

  • Total voters
Aug 26, 2021
I'm gonna be hard pressed to like anything in the near future as much as I've liked Splitgate. It's really felt like the first time an FPS has "clicked" for me. I've always liked playing COD with some friends but I've never had as much fun as I've had with that game.

Bioshock infinite , perfect gameplay
VALID - I was thinking about mostly multiplayer games but Infinite is one of my favorites of all time.
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Sep 6, 2021
CS:GO, even though it is a downsized and nearly ruined version of its former self. The game has only gone down hill throughout the years imo(cs 1.1-1.6,cz,source,go) I started playing near the end of 2003. I aged with the game, and it is a shadow of what it used to be. That being said, the gameplay is unmatched. COD and even Battlefield do not compare to the smooth peaking and shooting of CS in a high tic, low latency environment.

Not listed, is DOOM II. Thats my personal favorite. I think i started playing that in 1995 when I was 7. I compare any single player fps to that, and none have touched it. So ya. DOOM II



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