What are your 2024 gaming predictions and resolutions?

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Hey PC gamers and welcome to 2024! I'm your associate editor Lauren Morton, lover of RPGs and cozy games, and my co-host Mollie Taylor is your features producer fan of fighting games, rhythm games, and JRPGs. We've been hosting a "just chatting" style podcast called Chat Log for just under a year. And now that we've got a good routine down, we want to make space to talk with you all here each week.

I'm pretty sure it's been a while since we've done a weekend question post on the site but I know our forum members often participated and I'm hoping that weekly podcast chat can fill a sort of similar role. We pick a discussion topic each week and often bring on another member of the PC Gamer team as a guest to talk with us. So I'll be posting our episodes here with the question topic of the week and Mollie and I will be diving in to say hello and chat with all of you.

What is your 2024 GOTY prediction and your personal gaming resolution?​

For our first PC Gamer Chat Log podcast of the year and our first post here on the forums we're talking about the year ahead. It's just me and Mollie this week so we're chatting about what we played over holiday break, our gaming resolutions for the year, our way-too-early game of the year predictions, and some other trends we're watching in the hobby for 2024. You can watch the full episode on YouTube above or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other sources by searching for "PC Gamer Chat Log".

Edit: There's already been some good 2024 resolution sharing in another thread so feel free to re-share or just tell us about your GOTY predictions 😃

We referenced quite a few group stories on the site this week, so here are links to those if you're curious as we're gabbing:
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As for a randomly early GOTY prediction, I'll have a punt at Star Wars Outlaws.

Yeah I definitely think Outlaws has a very good chance. A Ubisoft Star Wars game is pretty well-positioned for a big audience but there's a chance it winds up feeling too safe. I think what my heart wants is for something formerly niche like Dragon's Dogma 2 as GOTY. Either way, I'm betting that GOTY awards for 2024 are a lot less unanimous than 2023.
  • The surprise release of Light No Fire around July
This would be wild!


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Aug 14, 2023
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Hey everyone! Excited to have this space to share with you all and hear some voices each week outside of our own :relaxed:
I'm personally hoping Avowed turns out to be epic.

This is a game that I keep forgetting about and every time Lauren reminds me about it, I get excited for it. Give me magic, fantasy, swords and cool armour, please!! I really hope it's good.

GOTY Prediction—Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl

RTS GOTY—Homeworld 3

General Prediction—the revival of RTS as a significant genre.

My Resolution—develop custom challenges in my replay list, sort of 'super achievement' goals.

I think an RTS resurgence is a great shout. I feel like we've seen it slowly returning over the last year or two, but I'm hoping 2024 is a big year for it. I'm not a huge enjoyer of the genre personally but I am a sucker for watching my pals and loved ones get stuck into one.
Looking forward to playing Alan Wake 2 DLC's most. Stalker 2, of course. Plus I have Phantom Liberty to play too, but that'll come after I'm done replaying the base game now that it's fixed and revamped.
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Resolution? I resolve to keep on top of organizing my screenshots - except with Solasta, which I'll forget to organize until January. Actually, I guess that's my resolution for 2023. I'm only off by 1, though - shouldn't be a big deal. ;)

Trends/predictions - reflections. Lots and LOTS of reflections. The suits may think AI is a big deal, but what we gamers are going to be seeing is a huge increase in shine. The folks who are holding back on video card upgrades are going to get a big shock when they upgrade and get years of path tracing advancements all at once. Who knows, maybe we'll even get a remake of Shiny Entertainment's Sacrifice drenched in chrome.

GotY: Hmmm, Horizon: Forbidden West? As long as they don't mangle the release, we know that will be a very good one - and it won't have to fight Elden Ring for the title on PC. Outside chance for Civ 7 to show up and take the title.

  • GOTY to Dragon's Dogma 2.
PLEASE PLEASE be true! Or Avowed. Wait... Mollie said DD2 and Lauren said Avowed!? I swear I wrote this before then! (Well, I swear as much as the mods will let me.)

DD1 is fairly janky but I like the story and love those spells. Gotta love a game willing to have a dragon eat your teeny tiny heart off its fingernail.

P.S. Yakuza fantasy book... if they start getting into details of some sort of cabaret club, you've GOT to tell us @Lauren Morton!
GOTY prediction: I hope we get something that comes out of nowhere and takes everyone by surprise. Something that we haven't seen much of in 2023; whether that's something experimental and innovative like Return of the Obra Dinn or Case of the Golden Idol, or perhaps a resurgence of a genre that's been dormant for a while. I feel like anyone working on any kind of AAA RPG is on the backfoot after Baldur's Gate - no one wants to be held to that insane standard, so probably a lot less of those in 2024 (Dreadwolf is so doomed 😅).
As a sidenote, I have this feeling that 2024 is going to be a year for more independent studios to take centre stage - a lot less big studio releases than I was expecting on the 2024 calendar so far.

As for resolutions, I want to stop fixating on PC hardware/performance and trying to squeeze 2 extra fps on every game I run; I just need to let it go and play and enjoy the damn game. But it's so addictive... 🤡

Looking forward to having this space to chat about the episodes! Been listening on Spotify since day 1, keep it up everyone involved ❤

Lauren Morton

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Looking forward to having this space to chat about the episodes! Been listening on Spotify since day 1, keep it up everyone involved ❤

Thank you so much for listening all last year! We're really glad to be here on the forums, specifically, to chat with everyone instead of firing episodes into the void every week.

I totally agree that some independent and/or midsize studios may get the chance to shine this year.
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