What cooling fans should i buy.

May 8, 2020
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I recently upgraded my pre built pc for the first time, replacing my gpu from a GTX 1060 3gb to a RTX 2060 6gb and swapping out the PSU Corsair VS450 for the Corsair RM750, my case didnt come with any intake fans and now with the added heat from the GPU i think its time to get some, i have two spaces on the front side of my case, which fans would you suggest and how would i go about installing them.

Buying expensive fans is a bit.. well.. tricky, in that if you are spending loads of £ on fans you should have just bought a better case with better airflow and fans to begin with. Instead of a cheaper case and expensive fans. Still, you've got the case and you're stuck with it.

The Noctua fans mentioned above are an option - but don't buy them through the article link because they are £23 each on that seller. If you buy them from Noctua on Amazon they're only £12.50 ish

You could also get less expensive ones like be quiet! Pure Wings that are about £7.50 each or Arctic fans that are typically less than £5 each.

Your case has space for fans at the bottom and on the front at the side. You could get 2 fans, try them in each position, and see what works best.