Question 5600X vs 5700X3D vs 5800X3D

Apr 12, 2024
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Greetings! My current build is:

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-AX370-Gaming (rev. 1.x)
PSU: Chieftec Element 600s (600W)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x (not overclocked)
GPU: ASUS Dual OC GTX 1060 (6GB)
RAM: 4x8GB HyperX Fury 3200MHz
SSD: HyperX Fury Renegade 1TB
HDD: Seagate BarraCuda 3.5" 2TB
CPU cooler: LC Power LC-CC-120-RGB (advertised for up to 180 TDP)
Case: MS Industrial Spectrum with 5 Arctic P120 fans (3 intake, 1 exhaust, 1 as 2nd CPU cooler fan-also set as exhaust)

PSU is due to be changed and upgraded for much more reliable one. I plan on upgrading my GPU as well in the future. Currently I have certain CPU deals offered (all new). I can buy 5700X3D for 185$ or 5800X3D for 252$. Price for the 5600X is roughly 143$.
I have 2560x1440p 170Hz monitor and mostly plan on playing: Europa Universalis 4 (hopefully 5), World of Tanks, Minercraft (original name triggers spam system for some reason), The Outer Worlds, Battlefront 2 (, Hopefully GTA6).

Considering that I do not plan on spending more money on a GPU than 4070 and its counterparts cost (in the future), what would be your CPU recommendation out of those listed here (or any other AM4 CPU that you might deem better)?

If you want, you can give me CPU & GPU combo recommendation.

Thank you in advance.
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if they had come out a year ago I might have got a 5700x3d myself.

I would have saved about $140 today if I bought it as the 5800x3d is still around same price I paid last year... I had been waiting for its price to drop, it still hasn't. Prices in AUD, the 5800 is about $516 whereas the 5700 is $379, but Its too late now. Its not like I regret my purchase.

I wouldn't get a 5600x3d as its not as much of an upgrade, you get same amount of cores and there are clues that 6 core CPU might not run games as well as higher core count CPU can. Other two models are at least 8 cores, I went from a 3600xt myself.

5700x3d are just cut down 5800x3d where one of the cores isn't capable of running, same as 5600x3d are 5800x3d with 2 turned off cores. Nothing wrong with them, its just a way to sell cores you had left over. It also explains the price differences between 5800 & 5700, if one is just there to be dumped... better to sell at a discount than get nothing at all. We all win.

x3d chips are competitive against a lot of Intels latest CPU in games as well. Often at top of chart with everything else underneath.

my original idea was to get a 7800XT but that was before they delayed their release to an unknown time when they announced the 7900 and I had been waiting a year or so to upgrade my card. It got too much for me and I got a 7900xt instead. Fact they took so long to actually release them, I don't know if I would have still been waiting or if I wouldn't have just bought something else in the mean time.
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5700x3d are just cut down 5800x3d where one of the cores isn't capable of running
The 5700X3D is an 8 core chip with a base clock of 3.0Ghz and boost of 4.1Ghz
The 5800X3D has 8 cores and a higher base clock of 3.4Ghz and boost of 4.5ghz

I'd recommend the 5700X3D and put the saving towards your GPU where you will see the biggest benefit. Unless the 4070 is significantly cheaper than the 4070 Super then go for the later.
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