Weekend Question: Which Nintendo game do you wish was on PC?

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Dec 9, 2019
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I ask the PCG staff a regular Weekend Question and post the answers on the site. If you'd like to throw in an answer here, I'll squeeze the best into the finished article!

This week's question is: Which Nintendo game do you wish was on PC?

During the latest Nintendo Direct it was announced that the Portal games are coming to Switch. That's cool, more people should play Portal, and the Switch already has Portal Bridge Constructor. Still, it sure would be nice if the river would turn around and flow in the other direction once in a while. You know, like rivers do.

During the same Nintendo Direct new Fire Emblem, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Splatoon games were announced, along with remakes of Chrono Cross and Live a Live, a new Kirby where you can eat urban foxes and a car or something, and more. That Kirby game looks exactly like the kind of indie platformer with a gimmick Steam is full of. Bring out a PC version, Nintendo, you cowards.
(hears an echo from 25 years ago) Super Metroid.
Star Fox 64 (Lylat wars)
F Zero

But Nintendo don't even make the last 2 franchises anymore so its a dream.

Really, last Nintendo console I had and used a lot was an N64. I had a Wii but I liked its motion control so much, I bought I PS3 instead.

Not Mario (though I hear Lutfi wants it)
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Bayonetta 2 and 3, along with Astral Chain.

It just seems pretty criminal that better Devil May Cry games than DMC4 and 5 aren't on PC, and I'm reminded of PC Gamer Magazine's interview with PlatinumGames about how they want as many of their games to be on PC as humanly possible, only for that statement to be a load of crap.

And i think this could go back to why i'm oddly okay with Square-Enix's recent EGS exclusivity deals.
Feb 9, 2022
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All the Xenoblade games could really do with that bit of extra PC horsepower to let them shine

100% Xenoblade. I can imagine playing Chronicles and Chronicles 2 at 4k uncapped FPS and it would be spectacular.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe would be really fantastic as well.

And obviously any of the Zelda titles would be great fun, as well as the often slept on Hyrule Warriors spin-offs.
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I would love to see a full-on Xeno re-make. Start with Xenogears (yeah, it's a PS exclusive, but the rest of the games weren't). Then do the big one: Xenosaga. That was supposed to be six games but ended up getting crammed into three, with the last game tying up plot threads every time you turned a corner. Do it again, do the full six games, and for pity's sake don't censor it for the USA. Finally, do the Xenoblade thing.
Love Mario Kart but an official way of playing Zelda Breath of the Wild in high res would be amazing!
I actually went through the hassle of dumping my Wii U version of the game so that I could legally play it in an emulator. It was a pain in the butt to do it, but it was really awesome playing the game in 4k@60fps. The motion control shrines sucked, though.