Tower of Time free on GOG for 48 hours! Any of you played?

Lauren Morton

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Free game spotted!

GOG is giving away Tower of Time for the next two days. I've had it sitting at the bottom of my to-play list for a long time and hadn't committed to buying it yet so I snagged it. Looks like a classic-style cRPG. Real time with pause/slowmo combat. Party management. I'm also intrigued by what they've called Skill Gestures. Looks like this is it in action?


Has anyone played ToT and have opinions? Since it's free, the only thing going to waste is time!

Quick tip: if you go to snag it on GOG don't be confused when you click "go to giveaway." It will take you to a page with lots of other deals and you have to scrolls down a bit to actually find the button to redeem ToT for free.



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I'm late to the party but yes, I played it. It's pretty battle heavy and the enemies eventually got repetitive but it's got some interesting ideas. The "slow time" system worked VERY well for me and I'm hoping to see it in a lot more games! They've also got very 3D levels for an isometric.
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I grabbed the freebie, but didn't have the occasion to play it yet. I'll certainly check it out some day after I finish the epic Pillars of Eternity 2. :) I heard a lot of good things about Tower of Time.


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